Julia and Brian

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How We Met

Our story started in 8th grade during the infamous D.C. trip. Brian and I went to the same private school in Georgia. It was kind of a unique set-up where two days a week (either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Friday) you would attend classes, while the other days were spent at home finishing assignments. So through our years of attending our school, we had never met because I was a Monday-Wednesday kid while he was a Tuesday-Friday kid…that is until the D.C. trip.

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On the bus ride up my friends and I were chatting away about the usual 8th-grade girl stuff when the topic of BOYS was brought up. I laughed the topic off saying there are absolutely no cute boys at our school when my friend looked at me and said, “Have you met Brian Andrews??” and seeing my hesitation she quickly offered to introduce me. The second my friend got his attention my face immediately turned bright red, and through his little smile and shaking my hand with the smooth line of, “Hey,” I just giggled my way through a, “Nice to meet you.” I also was endlessly teased about my crush on The Brian Andrews through the remainder of the trip. I truly think that was the moment, that we both felt this lightning shock go through us and just knew something special was there. As the years went on, Brian and I became good friends.

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We would text, talk between classes, and have little inside jokes. And an underlying interest was always prominent in our friendship. Though no one made any moves on it until July 20, 2016 as we were both leaving my church’s movie night, Brian brakes at thissStop sign and jumps out of his car leaving it idle in the street. As he jogs to my car, which was driving right behind him, in the pouring RAIN, he opens my car door and asks me to be his girlfriend right then and there (like a movie, right?).

That was right before our senior year of high school. Since then he went off to Georgia College and State University and I went to Florida State University. Which means monthly trips to each other’s colleges, lots of mileage added to cars, and a lot of learning. We have grown so much since those rosy-cheeked 8th graders. And we are so grateful that the Lord blessed our relationship with one another and that we are finally in the FINAL stretch of long-distance and getting to be together, forever!

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How They Asked

I have wanted to propose to Julia for years now. We were too young with too much college ahead of us for it to ever be a possibility, so as we finally came into a time where the planning could realistically begin, I jumped right into it. Initially, I had the plan to propose in December of this year. However, that plan quickly changed when Julia “accidentally” (yeah right, J) read my proposal plan when we submitted into a contest for 50% off a wedding photographer we loved. Knowing how much it would mean to both of us for Julia to be totally surprised when I propose to her, I instantly began changing my plans. I spoke with each of our parents and moved up the date to propose for August of this year, before we left for school, and got to work. I reached out to one of her friends from college and got her on board for helping distract Julia on the day of the proposal so that I would be able to totally catch her off guard. I eventually planned for that friend to take Julia out for an “early birthday celebration” dinner on the day of the proposal. While that was happening, my family and I were in the middle of a beautiful field I chose setting up everything and sweating our butts off. After we finish, I headed home to change and get ready to propose to the girl of my dreams. By this time, Julia is blindfolded and driving to the field where I’m standing thinking that her friend is taking her somewhere secret for another “birthday surprise,” but little did she know what was waiting for her!

Once she got to the field, her friend helped her out of the car, walked her into the field, and took off her blindfold so that she could see me excitedly standing there waiting to propose! Julia then shakily walked to where I was standing, I said a few words that I absolutely do not remember, and I got down on one knee and got engaged to my perfect woman. Everything went so perfectly and I’m so thankful to the Lord for such an incredible day. I love you, Julia!

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