Julia and Brent

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Sundance Ski Resort

How We Met

Early on in February, I got a job at a little restaurant in the food court at my university. I wasn’t even sure I would get the job… BUT I DID! On my first day, I was shown around the place and was introduced to one of the cashiers, Julia, who then showed me the works. We worked around each other for months. Small talk here, gentle arm brush there, I was starting to feel for her more and more. It wasn’t until May that I got the guts to ask her out! We had an awesome date and talked for hours after. Little by little, we kept hanging out more and more. We told each other personal details about life. About a month about our first date I asked her to be my girlfriend. We went on loads of adventures together.

Proposal Ideas Sundance Ski Resort

A few more months down the road, when things got a little more serious and we started falling for each other, we began using the “m” word and imagining the future together. I knew she was meant for me. I saw my life becoming brighter and better than ever. I was happier than usual!

Julia and Brent's Engagement in Sundance Ski Resort

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Sundance Ski Resort

how they asked

So, on September 1st, I planned an adventure for us. This one was for the books. We set off to the Sundance Horse Stables for a private horseback riding session. Little did she know, there were other people setting up a picnic at the end of the ride. When we pulled around the corner and into the meadow where the picnic was, I knew she had an idea what was going on. She looked back at me and caught me grinning.

The horseback guide stopped and suggested we get off to take pictures and then took the horses back to the stables and left us there. Julia and I walked over to the picnic. I told her how much she meant to me. I was struggling for words… my heart was beating wicked fast. I stopped talking, got on one knee, and asked her to be mine.

She said yes so quick I didn’t even have time to get up before she kissed me.

We then enjoyed some great food and treats while looking around at the beautiful meadow and mountainside.

Here’s to the love of my life, my Jewel.

Special Thanks

 | The horseback guide