Julia and Brandon

How We Met: Brandon and I meet in 6th grade in my mom’s math class. I had just moved and didn’t have any friends. One day when my mom wasn’t at school he passed a note across the class asking me out. Of course being the new girl I was flattered but had to decline. I believe my exact words were, “No you are weird!”

After that day Brandon and I became best friends. All through middle school we were always together.

Then came high school were everyone told me it was weird that a guy was my best friend and we were going to date and some even said we were going to get married. I didn’t believe them. September 2, 2011 they were correct. We have been together every since.

how they asked: Our families had planned to go on a cruise together. The first time they had spent any real amount of time together.

Image 1 of Julia and Brandon

The second elegant night of our cruise after dinner Brandon had asked me to go sit on his parents balcony with him. Where he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. The next day we celebrated with our families!