Julia and Bradley's Proposal at Iguazu Falls

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How we met: I was working in a bar in January 2006 during my final months of University when Brad took over as my manager. I fancied him straight away, and asked him out a few weeks later but he said I was too young (I was 22, and he was 30) and that in any case he didn’t date his staff. In May, around the same time I was graduating and about to leave town, he asked me out. We hit it off immediately and dated for a few months until I got a job in London and had to move away.

Over the past nine years, I have lived in Canada for four years, been travelling the world solo and now work on a round the world yacht race. Despite all the moving around, Brad and I stayed close friends and would meet up in various places around the globe. Everyone always asked when we were getting back together but time was never right, we were both busy and just enjoyed everything just how it was. Over the years however, we grew closer and closer until I officially moved home a couple of years ago. We got back together last summer and now live together with our dog Kato who we actually got when we first got together all those years ago.

The proposal: When I was backpacking on my own in 2013, I visited the Iguazu Waterfalls and had my picture taken on this rock, that no one else was really utilising. ALL the views in the park are stunning but as no one else was using this rock, I felt like it was mine. It’s always been one of my favourite images from my travels.

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I took Brad to Argentina last month on a family trip to visit my sister, who lives in Buenos Aires. We had a 20 hour delay on our connecting flight in New York due to the snow and our luggage also went missing.

Once at the falls, I pointed out my rock. Little did I know that Brad had been carrying a ring in his pocket, and chose my favourite spot to ask me to be his wife.

I thought he seemed rather relieved….which is normal but didn’t realise that he had been planning for a while to ask me in that spot, but had left the ring in his luggage which had been lost in transit and we’d only gotten it back 11pm that night before. Talk about stress…!

My brother’s girlfriend was taking our picture at the time and captured it perfectly. Now, my favourite travel spot is even more special and will be part of both our memories forever. It was a wonderful surprise, and even better to be able to share it with my family, none of whom were in on it.

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In May 2016 in Dorset, England, I’ll marry my best friend almost exactly ten years to the day since our first date and couldn’t be happier. Now just have to train Kato to be our ring bearer….and teach Brad never to leave important jewellry in his checked luggage again ;)

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