Julia and Brad


How We Met

On November 12, 2013 Brad requested to be my friend on Facebook, I accepted of course then he told me happy birthday and messaged me; this boy was not wasting time! Our first date was that following Friday night to a movie that night Brad asked me to go hunting (my first time ever) with him the next morning which is only a few hours later. I guess you could say we have literally been inseparable since the day we met. I know God truly placed this boy in my life at the perfect time!

how they asked

When they say it is the most wonderful time of the year they are not kidding!!

On December 19th, our two year anniversary, Brad had planned to take me to Callaway Gardens to see Fantasy in the Lights which I LOVE! We went last year for our one year anniversary and it was absolutely breath taking and magical but nothing compared to this year. When planning to go he knew I would rather ride in the warmth of our own car but this year he “accidentally” messed up and got us trolley tickets. Once we get on our trolley the women next to me has a camera with her and she tells me that see works for Callaway Gardens and takes pictures for their website of the lights. As we are riding she is taking pictures of the lights and telling me how many times she has rode it this year, this lady is for real in character. Then we arrive at my favorite part Snowflake Valley which is all beautiful white lights hanging everywhere. The photographer tells me that the trolley is going to stop and she wanted to get a picture of a couple with the lights in the back ground for the website. So naturally I’m like of course!! We get off the trolley and walk in front of it and she poses us and is taking a picture then she stops for a second because that’s the que and she knows the real picture she is suppose to get.

Brad gets down on one knee and says “Julia will you marry me?” And I said YES!!!


It was seriously the sweetest and most perfect moment of my life! Then after I said yes both of our families run from where they have been hiding right of the drive in the woods. All the people on the trolley start clapping and screaming! It was so perfect in every way!!

I was so surprised and I could not ask for a more perfect proposal or fiancé.

Special Thanks

Jill Welch
Jill welch photography