Julia and Beau

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How We Met

We have the typical boy meets girl at college story, I was a freshman he was a junior but what makes our story so special is that when I first met Beau I instantly new he was going to be apart of my life forever. In fact, on our first date I told him that… I know that might sound creepy in some ways, but he obviously didn’t think so. We met at the first sorority fraternity mixer that year, it was a drive in movie mixer with everything from movie theater snacks to a big screen in the front yard and the guys tailgates down.

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When I first met Beau my heart nearly skipped a beat. He was older by 2 and a half years, he has these heart breaking blue eyes and a smile that would make any girl melt. Not to mention his charm, he was a true southern gentlemen. As the night went on, I caught him sneaking looks over at me and I got all nervous thinking about it I quickly turned away. Not two days later it was the first football game at the University of North Texas and I knew I had to find him.

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I was was wearing a camo baseball hat turned backwards, a north Texas shirt and jean shorts (That’s important later). After we found each other on tailgate hill he quickly coerced me into giving him my number… :) he’s smooth like that. We dated for a few more weeks but finally made it official November 17, 2012. From there we dated for 4 more years and got to share some amazing memories growing and maturing together.

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how they asked

So my good friend Stetson (also the photographer) asked me one day if I would be willing to take some pictures for him for this advertising magazine/website called visit Dallas he was asked to do. It was a couples shoot and the other couple he had lined up had to leave town that weekend. Now if you follow Nectar List Media or Stetson you know he always does this kind of stuff all the time so I wasn’t suspicious at all, in fact when I asked Beau I had to almost convince him to do it (when really this is Beau’s idea the whole time) anyways we get to the arboretum on Saturday the 15th and walk in to go take these pics for the magazine. If you’ve never been, this place is huge and filled with gorgeous flowers and is the perfect place to take some scenic pictures.

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About an hour in we get to this magnificent little Romeo and Juliet type garden (pictured below) Stetson tells me that he needs to get one last shot and it will be of my hair by this ivy wall for the album cover… so I walk over to pose and all this time Beau is getting down on one knee.

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Stetson tells me okay we got the shot you’re good, and I turn around and see Beau on one knee. You can tell by the look on my face, I was in shock, I had absolutely NO idea this was happening today.

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I quickly gathered what was going on and walked over to him and he said “For the last four and a half years, I’ve fallen so deeply in love with you” I interrupt him and say YES YES YES YES YES YES ” Beau then says to me ” hold on babe!

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Let me finish (lol), I can’t believe that camo hat wearing girl gave me her number on top of that hill. We’ve had so many great memories together and I hope we have more, Julia Nicole Vivian, will you marry me?” And then I again said “YES”

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Special Thanks

Nectar list Media
 | Photographer
Erica Mumford
 | Planning