Julia and Andy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Coyote Hills Regional Park

How We Met

Who would have known you could find love in the clubs?

Summer of 2014, I just graduated from college and there was no other way to celebrate than to go out with my girls in the city! We hit up one of my favorite spots, a club where they ONLY spin 90’s R&B, Hip Hop, and Pop! My girls and I were having a great night, but I needed a break from all the dancing. So, I took a step away to give my feet a rest. However, it was not too long before I noticed a cute guy with a group of his friends. I didn’t think anything more of it other than eye candy and headed back to catch up with my girls. As I was dancing the night away to TLC and N’sync, I felt someone bump into me. I quickly turned around, and to my surprise, it was the same cute guy I had noticed earlier. He apologized, and my response was to ask him to dance. By the end of the night, we exchanged information and the rest is history…

The love between Andy and I have grown tremendously with us over the past 5 years through beginning our careers, countless numbers of adventures and laughs, along with the curveballs life has thrown at us. We have learned so much from one another, and always strive to be the best we can be. Andy is an amazing person; he has a big heart, never fails to make me smile, and supports all of my aspirations and dreams — I can’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.

How They Asked

This past year, Andy has been traveling a lot for work. So, when he told me he had to go to Houston for business, I thought nothing of it. Fast-forward a week later, Andy returns home with a souvenir, as he always does. However, this one was different; he gave me a Wonka Bar, knowing 1971, Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory is my all-time favorite movie. He said there was a candy shop in Houston that sold replicas of Wonka Bars. I was beyond ecstatic and couldn’t wait to share it with my foodie friends on Instagram. Later that evening, Andy and I decided to go on a hike.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Coyote Hills Regional Park

He suggested I bring the Wonka Bar with us to get some content shots — little did I know, there was a special golden ticket waiting inside. I was the winner of his heart, and would get a lifetime supply of love, happiness, and of course, chocolate! He bent down on one knee and proposed. It was perfect; just us two on top of the hiking trail with the sun setting. I later learned he never went to Houston for work, nor did he buy the Wonka Bar from a candy shop. He had it all customized and spent the week finalizing the proposal plans.