Julia and Alexander

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disney World - Epcot

How We Met

Alex and I’s first date five and half years ago was anything but typical. Okay, okay, the beginning might sound normal, but just wait until you hear about the first kiss.

When I was 18 and Alex was 19 we met online and instantly started talking day and night. After talking for a few weeks and several Skype sessions, we knew we had to meet up for our first date. We decided to go a local park on a beautiful spring day in May. We walked the several mile loop of the park effortlessly; we were so engaged in our conversation.

After a few hours of just walking, talking, and holding hands, we knew we wanted to extend the date. The small town we were in was having a “Welcome Day” where local vendors and businesses filled the street and crowds flocked to try out some food, listen to music, and people watch. We left the park and ventured to the community event. We stopped at a ski shop as I am an avid skier, so I wanted to see if there were any sales on ski equipment. Alex followed me inside and watched me browse the shop. As we went upstairs in the shop, our eyes were drawn to the real ski lift used as a bench. We ran over and sat down. This was the first time we sat that close, and sparks were flying. Nervous, Alex only cuddled into me a little and did small little “half” kisses. He kinda nestled his lips on my head, but didn’t kiss. It was kind of weird, but I liked it.

We continued on and eventually landed in an ice cream shop where we shared a sundae. We had been together for nearly four hours at this point, but still didn’t want the date to end! We then walked to the local shopping center and just browsed some more stores. At one point, we ended up in Staples. We went to the desk section and sat down admiring the office chairs. Alex rolled his chair over to mine and planted a kiss on my lips. Yep, our first kiss was in the office section of Staples. Not only was it our first kiss together, but it was also our first kiss ever. The rest of the day was a blur, but I was sure I definitely had feelings for this sweet, romantic, and caring soul. That was the first day of the rest of our lives together.

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Julia's Proposal in Disney World - Epcot

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How They Asked

Alex, a true romantic (and just a touch of “extra”) naturally took months to plan an amazing proposal. For our five year anniversary, he surprised me with a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. I was over the moon excited because I had been asking Alex for years for if we could go. He would always respond, “in seven years” to keep me in suspense. Flashforward to September 2019: Alex and I are one week out from our 8 night, 7 day trip to Florida. We were hoping to get reservations to the restaurant ‘Ohana as we heard great things. We couldn’t get one, however, and Alex decided to try to see if contacting Disney might help us out. He submitted a form and we were quickly contacted by a member of Disney’s team.

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She told us that although she couldn’t help us out with a reservation, there would be a special opportunity to go to a Dessert Party on the house! I was so excited! The event on the 22nd aligned perfectly with our schedule and I was excited for this special opportunity.

Proposal Ideas Disney World - Epcot

So, on September 22, we spent the morning in Magic Kingdom. We went back to the hotel to freshen up and then headed on our way to Epcot for this special experience. After walking around the park and enjoying our evening, it was time to head to our dessert party. We get there and Stephanie, the event (proposal) coordinator, was quick to greet us. She explains that they are only letting one couple in at a time for this experience. *A red flag goes off in my head.* “That’s odd,” I thought. Then, she goes on to say that there will be a photographer there for marketing purposes and since we were helping Disney out with this volunteer experience, we get a free caricature drawing. Right then, I knew Alex had something special planned. I had on a promise ring on my ring finger. Alex gave that ring to me on our two year anniversary, promising that we would spend forever together. I quickly slide it off and put it on my other hand. I knew what was coming :) So, we sit down and the caricature gets to work. She draws us for what seems like forever. I look around and I can see a table on the water set up for two. It had a beautiful bouquet of calla lilies (my grandma’s last name was Calla, so that flower is special to me) and white roses. I nudge Alex, who is sitting frozen like a rock. I say, “Isn’t funny how there’s only one table set up?” as a joke. He refused to look at me and says, “She says it is only one couple at a time.” I start nervously laughing — the kind of laugh you can’t control. After a little while, the artist tells us to close our eyes for the grand reveal. She counts down from three, and when I opened my eyes, I see the drawing.

Alex gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him. Of course, I said, “yes!!” I was smiling and happy until a few minutes after the proposal–I lose it and start bawling (the happy kind!). It took a few minutes for it to set in.

After the proposal, Alex planned an amazing private 5-course meal with all of our favorite foods. We were so stuffed by the end!

But, that is never enough for Alex. Naturally, he also had our photographer do a firework photoshoot.

And, since Alex always has to give an extra flare, he also booked a private engagement photo in the Magic Kingdom and Epcot before the parks opened. It was incredible. I am so blessed to have this amazing fiancé.

Special Thanks

Michael Vu
 | Photographer
Steffane Hynes
 | Planning