Julia and Alec

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How We Met

In the summer of 2008, Alec and I met working together at a local day camp. Although we lived only 15 minutes apart, we went to different schools and our paths never crossed. It wasn’t until the following summer that we truly connected. I went to my best friends house for a party and to my surprise, Alec was already there. It was from that day on that we began talking and falling for each other. On July 27, 2009 we decided to make it official and begin dating. Since 2009, Alec and I relocated to several different places in four different states, graduated from college, got jobs, spent time with amazing friends and family and through it all, one thing has always remained constant: our love for each other. I can’t imagine my life without him, he is my person.

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how they asked

Alec and I had planned to take a vacation together. For months we talked about where we wanted to go, and when. We decided that revisiting Cape Cod would be a special trip seeing as I grew up visiting the Cape and in 2016 we spent a romantic anniversary trip there. Alec planned most of the details (per usual) and told me to make sure I packed something nice for a dinner he had planned. Once arriving at the Cape house, not even an hour had passed before Alec informed me that a photographer was coming out to our vacation house to take pictures of us by the water. This didn’t seem unusual at first because our families had always requested that we get professional pictures taken. Excited to get some glamour shots, I curled my hair, picked out a dress and put on my makeup. Soon it was picture time! We went outside and began taking pictures together as we both nervously gazed into each other’s eyes and pretended to act natural.

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As the photo shoot began to wrap up, I went inside to grab a sweater thinking we were all done when the photographer suggested taking some pictures in front of the sunset. She told us to act natural and just enjoy this moment together. As I looked into Alec’s eyes, he told me how much he loved me and began talking about why he thought we were perfect for each other. It wasn’t until we bumped heads on his way onto his knee that I realized what was happening. As I looked upon the man I love asking the question I have dreamed about since we started our love story in 2009, I went into shock. I couldn’t believe it was happening!

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It seemed like only a second that he was down on one knee before I pulled him up into my arms and began hugging and kissing him. I did not even see the ring at first, I was so overwhelmed with emotion. Alec carefully took my hand and slid the ring onto my finger and it felt like the world around us didn’t exist. I completely forgot the photographer was even there (but I am so thankful she was to capture this moment). For the rest of the vacation, Alec and I celebrated our new chapter together. This July marks 9 years together. We decided that we will tie the knot on our 10 year anniversary to celebrate a decade of love and our journey together.

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