Julia and Adam

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How We Met

We met in May 2012. I had just finished my undergrad and had not started working yet, so my friends and I were always ready to go out for a night on the town. Adam had just moved out of his parents house into Bethesda, Maryland, and wanted to go out and celebrate. It happened to be $1 drink night at a local bar. Despite it being a Thursday, and Adam having work the next day, he convinced two of his guy friends to go out. I went out with two of my girl friends as well to the same place. The three of us saw three boys standing by the bar, and decided to go and talk to them. (Adam will ALWAYS tell people how I hit on him first). Since I really like redheads, I “called dibs” on the redhead, Adam. Adam and I spent the night talking and after a few months, became an official couple.

how they asked

I usually work on Saturdays, and Adam volunteers at a dog adoption event, but Adam had told me earlier in the week that he was not going to volunteer, and I shouldn’t work so we could go take a walk on the canal by us. I love going to the canal, so agreed (thinking this was totally normal, and didn’t think twice that anything was up.) (This I later found out was Adam’s initial plan for a proposal, but…)

On Friday, April Fool’s Day, I had been talking to a few of my friends. One had said her sister tried to fool their mom and say that she got engaged, and I said how funny it would be if I did the same, and another had asked when Adam and I were getting engaged and I said probably by the end of the year, but definitely not anytime in the next few months. I told Adam both these stories, along with showing him a picture of an empty ring box saying “April Fools”.

Adam told me he was caught up at work, but to meet at Chipotle for dinner and would let me know when to meet him. (Later I found out he had been meeting with his parents to get the ring). We went to dinner and this is where I told Adam the above stories, having no idea that a ring was sitting in his backpack for a proposal soon! (Once Adam had the ring he could not hold onto it, and despite it being April Fools Day, he knew that he would have to propose today).

We were going out with a few friends that night, so Adam suggested that we go to our rooftop and have a few drinks. We got up there and it was packed, despite it typically being empty. (Adam had the ring in his pocket but did not want to propose in front of all these people). We sat upstairs for a little bit and then Adam said he had to go to the bathroom so we should go back down. I willingly obliged. We were back in our apartment and getting ready to call an uber. I said I wanted to go to the bathroom before we left, and Adam gently pushed me against our bed and told me to wait. He then proceeded to give me a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure. At this point, I still had no idea he was going to propose, so I was a bit confused by this gift, but said thank you anyway. Then Adam asked if I wanted to know why he gave this to me, which I did. He then began to pull out a ring box and said “I want your hands to look nice with this on it” and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so shocked and kept asking if this was a joke or not, and accepted. I was so surprised and happy!

After we called our families to tell them the news, we finally went on our way to meet up with some friends. We decided not to tell them anything, and figured they would notice the ring within a minute. We go out, and our friends are not noticing the ring. I am trying to be very obvious, holding my drink only with my left hand, texting with my left hand, being fairly in their faces. The best was that two of the people were talking about how they just got their wedding bands, and making comments about how Adam and I would be next to get engaged (despite being engaged at that moment.) Finally, after over an hour, I am rubbing Adam’s head (with my left hand), and my friend goes “Wait, what the f**k is that?!?” They did not believe that I had the ring on the whole time. Once we began to tell our friends, people would not believe us- it was April Fool’s Day after all.

I will never forget my April Fool’s Day proposal. :)


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