Juli and John's Family Photoshoot Proposal

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How they Met

John and I attended high school together at liberty high school in Bakersfield, California. Although John was several years older and we did not begin dating then, we always had secret crushes on one another. After high school passed and life went on, we both found each other around ten years later and each with two children of our own. As John and I reconnected, we were surprised to find that we had been living a street away from one another for some time. Living so close made it easy to fit each other into our lives. Like most things, it wasn’t perfect at first, but we knew there was nobody else we could ever see in our lives again. It was like we’d waited 10 years for just the right time in our lives to make something last forever. A few years later we were blessed with our fifth child, Levi. We may be what some consider a “blended family” but we both hate when people use that term. We see all our children as our own and could not imagine having our family any other way. Our relationship has proven to us that true love does exist and we can’t imagine our lives any other way.

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how they asked

I thought I had planned a family photo shoot with our friend Jamie Riley. I had no idea John and her had other plans in store for me. Jamie had told me about a club she was in and how amateur photographers go to her photo shoots and ask questions about how she works. When we arrived to the location I never questioned other photographers or videographers being there because I thought they were in this “photographers club” with her.

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John had the kids taking pictures in a VW van while me and him shot a few behind it. I asked him to change the baby as one of the “amateur” photographers shot a few pictures of my dress. I walked back to the van expecting to see my kids taking a cute picture together but I had no idea what they had planned instead.

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As I turned the corner I read the sign and John walked around the van and asked me to come over to him. Thankfully this was all caught on video because this is the part where I began to cry and everything else from that point on was a beautiful blur.

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Words can not describe how amazed I am with everyone who helped him pull this off and I truly am so blessed to have someone who puts so much effort into everything he does for me.

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