Juli and Brian

how we met

Brian flew from Orlando to Indianapolis in March of 2014 to play in a Monopoly tournament in southern Indiana. They connected on Tinder, where Brian’s profile mentioned he was only in town until Sunday. Normally, Juli would’ve swiped left if she had read more closely because she wasn’t looking for a long-distance relationship. However, she happily swiped right and they talked on the app for almost two days before Brian drove back up to Indianapolis. There, unbeknownst to each other, and before actually meeting in person, they had ordered the same drink at Starbucks.

how they asked

The plan was replaced by an obviously opportune time. It was still in process when Juli and Brian decided to get new phones. They were in their apartment and Juli was lamenting losing some of the voicemails from Brian that she had saved. Brian was standing right next to the bookshelf where he’d hidden the ring and decided he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He told her she had nothing to worry about because he wasn’t going anywhere. Then, he pulled the ring out of its hiding spot, slid across the floor to where Juli was sitting on the couch and asked her if she’d make voicemails with him forever. So, the proposal ended up being a bit of a surprise to both of them!

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