Jules and Coby

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How We Met

We were both home from college from the summer. Growing up in the same small town — through grade school and high school — we had somehow never met. But we had mutual friends. That year, one mutual friend had a BBQ at her house for the 4th of July. We ended up pinned against each other in a competitive game of ladder golf in the backyard! I won.. just saying. After the day together with friends and fireworks, we ended up being part of the few people left to help clean up at the end of the night. He was helping me put away food, and he boldly kissed me as he handed me the leftover pasta salad. We said goodbye, but the very next day he reached out and asked me to go on a hike with him. We spent the rest of the summer together; before I knew it he was my best friend. He has been ever since.

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how they asked

We had done a shoot for the photographer, Brandy, at the beach a couple weeks prior. She wanted some epic photos to build her business, and we had a blast! Shortly afterward, Brandy reached out to me and asked if we would be willing to do another shoot — hike Abiqua Falls with her! I thought I had “convinced” Coby to do another couples shoot, but as it turned out he had set the whole thing up and asked Brandy to ask me as though it was her idea. We woke up bright and early for our hike to the falls. It is a tricky trailhead to get to, and the hike is short but steep. Once we got to the waterfall we got ready for the shoot. After a couple different poses, Brandy told us to face away from each other with the falls behind us. Then she told us to look back at each other.

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I looked back to see Coby on one knee, holding up the most beautiful ring. After I got over the initial shock, I said YES. Now I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. My heart is so full.

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Special Thanks

Brandy Nichols
 | Photographer