Juhanna and Jordan

Image 1 of Juhanna and Jordan

How We Met

The story of Jordan and Juhanna begins at Salem Elementary School in Virginia Beach, VA. Jordan was working as a Physical Education Assistant and Juhanna was often working there as a Substitute Teacher. She enjoyed coming into work everyday because she had the opportunity to be in her childhood school and get to experience life as a Teacher. Jordan was a recent graduate of Virginia Tech and enjoyed his work days encouraging kids to be active and teaching them to be safe.By chance, a teaching opportunity became available and Juhanna was hired at the school as a Special Education Assistant.

The two exchanged many shy glances and small talk conversations throughout the day. Needless to say the best part of their day was when they got to work closely with each other during PE. Jordan and Juhanna shared a class of first grade students who were a hand full, and so the two had to team up. After a few weeks of closely working together, Jordan and Juhanna decided to hang out over the weekend with a few of their friends at Baxter’s Sports Bar and Lounge in Norfolk. Juhanna and Jordan even shared their first kiss that night when he escorted her safely back to her car. The next morning Jordan asked Juhanna to a late lunch where they began to talk about each other’s life outside of work. Later that night, Jordan asked Juhanna if they could start a relationship together, and they were hooked! Jordan was a serious soccer player,that attended Virginia Wesleyan College for a while. That was coincidentally during the same time Juhanna had earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications: Media .

He was surprised to learn that Juhanna was so passionate about working with special education kids and being that extra support they need. Both had been debating on getting an Special Education License through Old Dominion University. Eventually, they were accepted to the licensure program and started taking classes together. Despite Jordan’s busy schedule the two did their best to share every moment together outside of work. They went to library together for study dates and joined each other at the gym for encouragement and support. During Christmas Jordan gave Juhanna a gift that he knew would keep on giving. He told her how much she was loved by him and gave her little mementos that all said “I am in love with you!”.

how they asked

In January 2016, not too close to Juhanna’s 30th Birthday, Jordan was organizing a secretive way to propose to her. On a snowy day afterwork Jordan insisted that the two go to watch the Admirals Hockey team play during a special event called Pink in the Rink to support Breast Cancer Awareness. She argued with him that there was no way it was safe to go out to Downtown Norfolk to get tickets and then attend the game due to the weather conditions. Jordan stubbornly said that he wanted to go out and take her to the game. He then called Juhanna after he purchased the tickets that they won a special invitation to sit in the penalty box to watch the Admirals warm up. She thought that was strange but went along with the plan. The night began in a romantic dinner in Norfolk’s Ghent neighborhood. The couple arrived to the Scope early be escorted out to the penalty box.

While in the penalty box, the couple took pictures and videos of exclusive invite. Juhanna was really enjoying herself being so close to the ice and hearing all the remarks the players shared, but she couldn’t help noticing Jordan was fumbling with his hands oddly. Jordan slowly confessed that he planned this night especially for Juhanna. He started to say that he has always loved Juhanna and professed his devotion to her. She was filled with tears of joy and anxiety. Then Jordan explained that, she was going to be his wife and he was going to be her husband until the end of time. He then asked for her hand in marriage and she said YES as she gushed with tears of happiness. Behind her was Carolyn, her cousin, who captured the whole proposal on video and began crying as well.

Juhanna asked her if she helped Jordan plan this moment and she told her no. It was a shock to her too! Her co-workers were warned by Jordan that Juhanna’s cousin works there as well and it had to be a surprise. Indeed it was a shocking surprise and soon enough the moment was shared throughout the night with their family and friends.