Judy and Christopher

On the morning of our second year dating anniversary, Chris and I planned to hike up one of the mountains during our vacation to the San Juan Islands in Washington. He had just gotten back from deployment and it was the perfect weekend getaway for us. We were sitting on the ground just overlooking the view from the mountain and it was just one of those peaceful, quiet moments where you take in your surroundings. After a while, Chris asked me “how far down do you think that is?” To which I didn’t know the answer, so he laughed and said “let’s get a little pebble and throw it over and see.” So he got up to find this little pebble and I remained on ground still looking over the view. A moment later he said “I found this rock for you..” and I turned around to see and there he was on one knee! I sobbed and said “yes” before he could even ask the words. We embraced for what felt like a lifetime, it was perfect.

Proposal Ideas Mt. Constitution on San Juan Island, WA