Judith and Rigoberto

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How We Met

Rigo is the love of my life and my best friend. We met eight years ago at a church youth group meeting. We became best friends, but I left Honduras to go to college in the US. However, we tried to keep in touch, and would see each other each summer. I returned four years later, and we started dating. However, he was the one leaving the country this time. He was going to study in Guatemala. We promised each other we would make it work despite the long distance. Two years later he returned to Honduras.

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how they asked

This past August we were celebrating 32 months of dating. He told me we should go out and celebrate with a fancy dinner; he was caught up at work so he said he’d meet me at the restaurant. When I arrived I was directed to a porch area that had lights and there he was standing at the end of a rose petal aisle. Then I knew. he planned it perfectly.

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He had a photographer, of course I cried (surprise, surprise) he said the prettiest words and got down on one knee. Then he asked me to turn around and both our families were standing there. It was the perfect night, and the perfect beginning to our forever after.

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