Judith and John

how we met

We met at a summer national church youth event, and I was coincidentally the leader of his group! I found out that he was going to attend UCSD, where I was already studying, and was super excited that he would be able to join our campus fellowship there.

how they asked

John knew he wanted to do something extra special for the proposal, especially after half-teasing Judith that he would propose with a ring pop throughout their entire relationship. He decided to incorporate what he knew how to do best into the sweetest proposal. After a curveball was thrown his way with unpredictable changes in Judith’s PA (physician assistant) school rotation schedule, and he ended up having only two short weeks to pull off his master plan, John finally finished what he set out to do…a scavenger hunt throughout San Diego using a phone app that he programed! Employing the help of his poised sister, Joanna, together they pulled off an epic surprise. What Judith thought was supposed to be a fun dinner date with her future sister-in-law turned out to be an adventurous trip down memory lane. John’s app challenged her with puzzles, leading her to different locations that were significant to the both of them – church, UCSD, and La Jolla shores. After finding clues at each location to point her to the next, she finally found herself at Mt. Soledad. It was there that her coding knight was frantically fixing a last-minute bug in his car and subsequently came crashing out of the bushes, scaring her half to death. In the midst of a beautiful 360 view of San Diego, he then asked her to spend the rest of their lives together. She said yes, to which he responded…”Wait…so am I supposed to put the ring on your finger now…?”

Special Thanks

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