Judith and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met through Tinder (yes, the dating app) Our family doesn’t know this. Only our closest friends.. We both swiped right for love! Our first date was the longest and best date I’ve ever had. Luckily, it was our last “first date”. It lasted for about 8hrs! We just hit it off. Before I went in to the restaurant, our meeting place. I quickly prayed in my car. To hope that this guy would be decent and for us just to have a great time. I was in a bad relationship before. Trusting a guy has never been easy.

Meeting him in the first time, I knew right there and then that we are gonna hit it off. That I wanted to be in a serious relationship with him. Couple weeks after, I asked him if he could delete his tinder app. We both agreed.

We both love to travel, be spontaneous, and do adventures. We dated for few months when we decided to move in together and have our own apartment. Not even a year later, we decided to adopt a puppy. We’ve been together for almost 3years now. 6mos ago he proposed to me when we were in our vacation at New Orleans.

Side story: the church that I’ve been going to for 5years – where I’ve prayed that hopefully I will meet a guy who will love me as who I am, who has the same interest as mine. Where I’ve also sent a prayer hoping that Brian to be my “last boyfriend”.. Is the same church that we are gonna get married at on August 3, 2018. Such a blessing!

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how they asked

We love to travel and do adventures so we decided to go to New Orleans for about 5 days. We drove from New York, made few stops. Maryland, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia then New Orleans. We literally had to drive and pass a Hurricane. Both our families tried to stop us from going since New Orleans was gonna hit a hurricane. Since Brian had a plan to propose, no one or not even a hurricane can stop him. We passed a tornado while we were driving Birmingham, Alabama. We were in the highway when we got a warning that Birmingham just got hit by a tornado.. it was crazy and scary!

When we got to New Orleans, the weather was perfect. Brian on the other hand was on his phone, making calls and emails. Which is very unusual. On our 3rd day, June 24, Saturday there was a chance of rain late afternoon. He told me to dress nicely as he had “dinner plans” on a fine dining restaurant. We went to few tourist spots and parks. Our last destination was the City Park. He said we have to be there on a certain time.. very weird! So we rode into this gondola ride. Very romantic! With wine & cheese. Before our ride, he told the owner of the gondola that he was just waiting for “his people”. I was confused, I thought somebody else was joining us? Little do I know, this “people” was the photographer he hired. And he was making sure that they arrived at our destination and to the spot that they talked about on where to propose.

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And there, my best friend, my adventure partner, my cheerleader, was on his knees and popped the question. I was on tears.. I can’t even remember what else he said before the “will you marry me?”. Of course, I said “Hell yes!!” While I was crying. Then I saw the photographer hiding behind the tree.. it was so funny! Just like a paparazzi..

We shot our engagement photos as well on that day. It was the best vacation thus far!

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Special Thanks

Ibay Photography
 | Photographer
Nola Gondola
 | Planning
Maison Dupuy Hotel
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