Juana and Stephen

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How We Met

Stephen and I met 6 years ago as students at Regent University in Virginia Beach. He’s 6’7″ and I’m 5’0. We get a lot a stares when we go out :) His sweet and funny spirit drew me to him; he’s a gentle giant! After a few months of becoming great friends, Stephen was determined to be more. He pursued me and I fell in love with his perseverance and kind heart. Stephen is the funniest person I know. He’s the exact opposite of who I am; we just fit together so well, like we were missing pieces of a puzzle that finally found each other. We dated for 5 years and I kept waiting for him to propose. He would joke all the time and get down on one knee, then tie his shoe. Stephen joked so much that I finally just said to myself “It’ll happen when it happens.”

how they asked

Stephen proposed when I least expected it. I was at his house relaxing one day. Little did I know, he had a whole surprise planned. Stephen knew I couldn’t stand a mess in his room and that if I spotted clothes on his bed, that I’d put them in the closet. Which is exactly what I did and exactly what he banked on. I opened his closet door and a cascade of colorful balloons gently started falling. I instantly knew something was going on and that’s when I heard the theme music from Disney’s UP play in the background. (UP is my favorite movie). Stephen walked toward me and said “It’s for real this time,” hinting at his past joking proposals. I barely even remember what happened after that.

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I instantly started ugly crying (I’m glad no one else was there to take pics) and eventually nodded yes to Stephen’s question of “Will you marry me?” Our proposal was different than the grand proposals you see go viral. It was quiet, quaint, and special to us. I wouldn’t have changed anything about it!

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