Juana and Juan

Image 1 of Juana and JuanHow we met: We met at a friends birthday. It was a get away weekend, he left the city on friday. I was kind of sad, so I planned leaving on Saturday morning with a friend that was in the same kind of mood. We were decided to stay home, and not go to our friends birthday, but realized she would be very pissed of with us, so we packed our bags and hit the road.

It was an awesome weekend, I had a blast.

He actually hit on me for a couple of weeks with no result, so he decide to organize a BBQ at a friend’s house, and he planned everything so perfectly that his plan succeeded. A couple of weeks latter we were dating.

how they asked: It all started on a Thursday, Juan came home with a rose for me (we live together). It wasn’t suspicious, since he gives me roses every now and then, so I found a vase for my rose.

He had to work so I went to sleep about 9:30pm…

At 1:30 am he woke me up with half a dozen roses and says: sweetie, wake up, you have to take a bath, we have to go, we are going on a trip…

I did not understand a thing, believe me … Obviously at that time I began to be suspicious, but I put my self together, and in “go with the flow” mode.

He had his clothes packed, and he asked me to pack clothes for a warm weather.
We had been in Ecuador 3 weeks before, in a very “hippie” trip, and during our trip he said “I promise you the our next trip will be “chick” what about Panama?” “Ok…” I said.

When we arrived at the airport, he asked the taxi driver to drop us off at the Copa Airlines door, so I asked “Are we going to Panama??” And he answered: “Yes, yes, we are going to Panama.”

We walked to the counter, and he said to the lady “We are going to New York with a stop in Panama.” That is when my jaw dropped!! It was 3:30am in the morning, and I couldn’t believe myself!!
When we got to the waiting room, he felt asleep immediately.

At 5am I called my mom to let her know that I was about to take a plane to New York.
Juan slept the entire flight, but I was unable to sleep, my head was going crazy, I knew that he didn’t had a ring, since he had no backpack or anything, and they make you empty your pockets at the airport.

When we arrived at NY, and he gave the address of the hotel to the taxi driver, my jaw dropped again, a beautiful hotel, in a marvelous neighborhood, a block away from Central Park!!

He asked me to get dressed up since we had a reservation at 5pm for dinner. Arriving at the restaurant, the dining room wasn’t open yet, so we sat at the bar and had a glass of wine. When we sat at our table OMG, we were at the middle of the MoMa sculpture garden, just a huge glass wall between us, it was amazing. At some point, our waiter says that he has knowledge that we have theater tickets, I couldn’t believe a thing, it was a surprise after another.

We walked to Broadway, and went to Aladdin, beautiful.

The next day we woke up early because we had something planned (i never knew in advance where or what we were doing).

We got to get off the subway and walked a little The asked me if I knew where we were going, but I really had no idea.

We are approaching a dock so I guessed we were taking a boat trip, and I have to confess, I thought to myself “this is when, he is going to propose”. But i couldn’t be more wrong. We jumped into a sailboat with a mother and her daughter, both over 60, and had an amazing ride.

After the boat ride we went to an amazing restaurant for lunch, he had all planned. After lunch we just walked around 5th avenue.

Around 4pm we went to the hotel, Juan had told me we had dinner plans, but we need to be all dressed up. So we arrived at the hotel and he decided he would take a bath, after him i jumped into the shower, but got distracted watching tv in the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom he was nowhere to be seen. On the bed I found a letter that said that for our dinner I would have to find him, inside were the instructions and 4 sealed letters. I started my journey, and opened one letter at the time (the instructions told me when and where to open each letter). He had wrote for me the most romantic love notes.

Image 2 of Juana and Juan

The last set of instructions read, You’ll get to Cherry Hill, and there I’ll be waiting for you, but WAIT, before you come to me open letter #4. When i got there I saw him sitting down at a picnic, with a little box in his hands, I opened the last sealed letter, and read: WILL YOU MARRY ME?

I walked up to him, and put my arms around him like never letting go. He pulled the ring out (as he could I had my arms around him like for ever), he putted the ring on me, and we just kissed.

A man came over, and asked us to pose, he was taking pictures of us. He was just taking some pictures in the right place at the right moment, and he took the pictures you see. He emailed the pictures for free.We sat down at the picnic, and I had to ask where, when, how he had bought the ring.
His sister lives in LA, and she flew all the way to New York, and came into our hotel room when we were at Aladin, and put the ring in the safe box, and by the next morning she flew back to LA.

That has been the best weekend of my life, filled with incredible moments.

Photos by Thomas Edlred