Juan and Danny

how we met

They met online. Juan messaged Danny a couple of times before he decided to answer. Danny doesn’t remember ever seeing those first messages. They hit it off since the first date.

how they asked

The proposal was a surprise for Danny. Juan searched for places around the city which were romantic and not crowded. He settled down for Roosevelt Island when he took Danny there one night and Danny fell in love with its quietness. “It doesn’t feel like New York City” were Danny’s words.Juan asked Christian to be part of the process and not just a photographer. Christian would wait for them at the designated spot, acting like he was taking pictures of the skyline. Once the couple walked by, Christian would approach them and ask them to pose for a photo. “Danny will never turn down a picture”, Juan told the photographer. And that’s exactly what happened. They posed for a couple of pictures, and then Juan knelt and proposed. Danny didn’t know the photographer was part of the setup until it was over!

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