Joycelyn and Wayne

How We Met: I met Wayne for the first time when I was 15, and had just transferred to a new school. We sat near eachother on the first day of class and had one short conversation before he dropped the class from his schedule. Fast forward a year later to AP physics, and somewhere between the marshmallow launcher project and the rides home, he became my absolute best friend (of course, both of us swore we would NEVER date). We spent all of high school calling each other awful, yet hilarious, nicknames, grabbing coffee before class, and of course a caught him up on all the girl drama. It wasn’t until three months into our freshman year of college, when I was at Hawaii Pacific University and he was at the U.S. Naval Academy that we decided maybe we were meant to be more than best friends; we have a real knack for timing(:

how they asked: Wayne came home on leave from the Naval Academy at the end of May for one month. We planned a trip to Puerto Rico, our favorite island and the place we went for our first vacation together. On our last night there we decided to get dressed up and go to dinner at this beautiful restaurant right on the beach. He had timed it so that we would be finishing our dinner right as the sun set over the water. He began telling me about the day he asked me to be his girlfriend and how nervous he had been, and then mentioned how he had had a conversation with my dad before we left for our trip. Before I knew what was happening he waved down our waiter and asked him to take our picture, got down on one knee, and with the sun setting behind us asked me to marry him.