Joycelyn and Andy

Joycelyn and Andy's Engagement in New York City

How They Asked

It was our 9 year anniversary and he told me to pack my bags as we were going on a surprise trip that night after dinner. I was ecstatic because I had a feeling we were going to the one place I’ve been dreaming of — Banff! I packed my luggage and we headed to dinner at Gramercy Tavern. I remember telling him that he lost his touch for surprises because I had already figured out we were going to Canada.. so I thought! He went with the flow. After dinner, we went back to our apartment and he suggested we take some photos on our rooftop since the sunset was burning beautifully that day. True story: I told him I had to use the bathroom and to make it quick (so embarrassing!) As the doors opened, I saw a beautiful arch standing in the corner with a perfect view of the Empire State and New Yorker hotel in the back. The arch was made up of fresh flowers, moss, and truly felt like a concrete jungle up there. I still had no clue as to what was going on! I thought he had this set up for photos. I went with it. Next thing you know, I hear a drone buzzing from above me. I look up and it’s descending towards us with a ring box attached to it. I was shocked!! He grabbed the box, got down on his knee as asked me to marry him. I said, “YES!” It was everything I could’ve asked for. It was such a beautiful moment. Oh, and there was no surprise trip. THAT was the surprise, so he definitely didn’t lose his touch.

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