Joyce and Timothy

Image 1 of Joyce and Timothy

How We Met

Tim and I met at the restaurant Saddle Ranch Chop House on a random Wednesday night during the summer of 2014 . I was having dinner with my best friend at the bar and Tim was there with his friends. He came walking in and stood around the bar where my best friend and I were sitting. I had the guts to say something to him and his friends first. And we all started chit chatting from there. One of his friends was talking to my best friend and Tim was talking with me. We talked about our jobs, hobbies, where we went to school, etc. At the end of the night, he asked me for my phone number and I gave it to him. He asked if it would be cool to hit me up sometime and see if I’d like to hang out. I shook his hand and said, “it’s a date!” and we’ve been inseparable since.

how they asked

It’s very rare for Tim and I to have a day off together. So when we found out we both had Friday off of work we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and planned a last minute trip to Carmel City. It’s a really romantic place and our hotel was walking distance from the beach, which was the first place we went to after we checked in. The sunset was covered with clouds and it was super foggy. So we decided to go again the next day before we went out to dinner. We were sitting on a bench that overlooked the beach. The sun was out and close to setting. We were taking in the scenery when all of a sudden Tim got up to his feet and turned to face me with his hands holding mine (squeezing them super tight!). At that moment, I knew something was about to happen. Tim was looking into my eyes and said, “I love you. You know how much I love you. I cannot live with out you.” He got down on one knee, pulled this red box out of his pocket. He opened it and there was the ring. This beautiful piece of jewelry! I put my hand over my mouth, just shocked at what was happening and that’s when he asked me, “Will you marry me?” My response, “OMG, baby, YES! Of course!” I placed my hands on the sides of his cheeks and kissed him over and over. He put the ring on my finger and I have not taken it off since! (well, beside washing dishes and taking showers, but other than that, no! Have not taken it off since!)

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