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Joyce's Proposal in Shiriyazaki Lighthouse in Japan

How We Met

Rusty and I met in high school our senior year. We both attended a tech Center in my home town Wenatchee. Side note: Rusty is from a town called Waterville 40 mins from Wenatchee.

During the year we became really good friends. We talked everyday and he would always be there for me when I needed someone. Throughout our senior year we stayed friends (he was then dating someone). I had a crush on him but never told him out of respect for his girlfriend of course. After graduation we remained friends, I stayed in town and he took off for boot camp (he joined the U.S Air Force). The next year rolls in and around March (funny how I still remember) I find myself a boyfriend. I remember texting him letting him know that I have a boyfriend now and we couldn’t talk. He was still with the same girl, I had to move on he was never going to be with me. We stopped talking for about 2 years and a half. Never heard from him and he never heard from me. I think after the first year I even stopped thinking about him. Life went on for the both of us.

On August 26, 2015 I was at home in bed. I was having one of those moments where I just hated myself because of things that I went through and things I let happen. I had gotten out of a rotten relationship 6 months prior. As I’m laying in bed I’m talking to God about how I’m waiting on him to send me the man of my dreams, that I need to focus on myself and until he (God) thinks I’m ready then he can send me my Prince Charming. After about 20 mins of laying there Rusty’s name pops in my head. It was so sudden and very unexpected. I sit there trying to think of his last name for about 10 mins (I couldn’t remember it, whoops). Finally I figured it out and I was able to find him on Facebook. I friend requested him, he accepted right away and then I decided to send him a message. He responded a couple mins later and the rest is history.

Little side story: when I messaged him he was home on leave and had 4 days left before he left on a deployment for 13 months. Crazy right? We hung out everyday, he met my family and I met his. It was the best weekend of my life. Monday rolled around and he was gone just like that. He didn’t want to date because of how long he was going to be gone and didn’t want to make me wait for him. I told him that I didn’t care and he like it or not I was going to be here waiting for him and like I said I was I did.

how they asked

As I said before Rusty is in the U.S Air Force and he is currently stationed in Misawa, Japan. During the summer I went to visit him for a couple months. It was definitely a lot of fun! On September 24, 2017 of course he popped the question. That morning he told me to get ready that we were going to go take pictures. He ended up taking me to the Shiriyazaki Lighthouse. Very beautiful place. We walked around and took pictures, after about half an hour of being there he walked me up to this rock/cliff that over looked the ocean. Right there he got on one knee and asked me to marry him. All happy and with tears in my eyes I said yes! It was beautiful and he definitely caught me off guard! I got to say he did an amazing job, mostly because he’s not much of a romantic to say haha but he really tries.

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