Joy and Tim

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how we met

Joy and I met about ten years ago while we were working for the same restaurant group. Joy is the general manager at the restaurant in Connecticut and I am the corporate chef based out of our sister restaurant in Burlington, Vermont. Joy and I have always had a great working relationship.

In December, everything changed. We had been working all day and exchanging ideas on the upcoming holiday season parties. We decided to go out to a neighborhood restaurant to continue the conversations and our relationship was forever changed. We spent the next few days at work laughing, joking, and getting to really know each other on a personal level that we hadn’t shared before. Then came time for me to go back to Vermont.

In the months that followed, we spent endless hours on the phone, sent countless text messages to each other and alternated weekends between Connecticut and Vermont. By February, it was clear to us both that we wanted to spend our lives together but the question remained, how do we make this work? We hadn’t even told our boss, and dear friend, that we were seeing each other. One day, I just told him I’ve been seeing Joy. “I love that girl and I’m going to marry her.”

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how they asked

I started looking for a ring to propose with. I took the crash course on diamonds and quickly realized that I needed to do some more research. I made a great choice and the jeweler began making the ring. Crystal clear with a platinum setting- It sparkled like Joy’s smile. Just one problem: I was to propose in just a few days! I had been looking for the perfect moment. I had asked all Joy’s best friends for their input on the setting, when, how and where will I propose. Ring almost in hand.

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Long story short I had the ring overnighted from Vermont to Connecticut. Only one problem: FedEx planes fly from Vermont to Memphis and planes apparently can get delayed on the runway due to weather. Proposal all ready and no ring, I paced. I called again and again and nobody could answer my questions. Where is Joy’s ring? Time was up, everyone knew it was the day, and plans were set. I couldn’t turn back. No ring and still, I was all in. I got ten dozen red roses and threw all caution to the wind. I was like a kid in the candy store and I couldn’t wait to ask her. All the planning was close to the end and I realized it doesn’t really matter how, where or when. At the last minute the ring was delivered.

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I pulled Joy aside and said, “Let’s get out of work for a few minutes and take a ride. I pulled over and told her the entire story of the ring. I showed her the ring and asked on the side of the road, “will you be my wife”?

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