Joy and Jonas

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How We Met

We are high school sweethearts!! He was the German exchange student my senior year of high school. The moment we met I was playing the guitar and so I offered to sing him a song. We fell in love instantly and when his exchange year ended, our relationship did not! After a few years long distance I ended up moving to Germany and even learning German so we can be together!! Now our wedding date is set for September 1st, the 9 year anniversary of the day we met outside our high school. xoxo

how they asked

He took me to dinner in a 1000-year-old castle in Ireland on my birthday!! Then while we were eating the castle staff prepared lanterns in the castle gardens. He slipped away and my sister who was in town to visit guided me to the gardens where he was waiting, surrounded by lanterns glowing in the dark. Then after he proposed, he told me he had booked a room for us to stay in the castle! I felt like a literal princess.

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Special Thanks

Cathryn Cootey
 | She kept the secret and guided me where I needed to be