Joy and Joe

How We Met

We met at a friend’s wedding four years ago. I was the wedding planner and he was the groomsmen. I never thought it would be more than just a dance. Little did I know.

A year and a half later, I found myself at an all time low after a dramatic end of another relationship. I struggled to survive, and I was recovering when the bride of that wedding re-introduced us. Just like that he entered my life. He was a wave of fresh air, naive in his promises and sincere in his actions. He dissipated my jaded self, and he made me giddy in love.

He flew across the country for our first date, and since our second date, we talked about our love and our lives together. We then talked about rings, and weddings, but never about how I wanted to be asked. That is why I was so surprised at how he planned a perfect proposal.


how they asked

Five months prior in May, we visited my parents where he asked them for blessings and hinted that he wanted to surprise me on Thanksgiving. My mom not able to contain her happiness immediately spilled the beans on the timing. Since then, we traveled to Santorini and then to Belize. All the while, I lamented on how many gorgeous spots that he could have asked me. Thanksgiving seemed so far away.

That is why when we hiked up a mountain in the gorgeous Poconos in October, like we do every year, I had long stopped anticipating. When we were perched on a particularly precarious cliff and when he reached into his backpack, I thought he was hungry. When I saw the ring box in his hands and tears in his eyes, I still questioned this moment. He asked and I said “finally”, with the biggest surprise and the goofiest smile on my face. It was then that I noticed one tourist was creepily snapping a lot of pictures of us. I turned only to recognize the tourist as a dear friend, in fact, he was the groom of that wedding four years ago. Then five more of our close friends, including the bride, appeared behind the rocks yelling their congratulations. The surprise was only starting. After I recovered from the shell shock, we joined our friends, a bit farther away from the cliff. They then pulled out a bottle of champagne, flute glasses, a tux and a dress, high heels and makeup, and finally a big bedsheet for us to change in. We then had a photoshoot. Apparently he made all of our friends wake up at 6 am on a Saturday to drive in from New York, Philadelphia, and Connecticut to get to the peak of Mt Tammany by 8 so we can catch the morning light for the photoshoot. Timing was key, and there were diagrams and strategic mapping of the whole event. My fiancé even planned on the fact that my mother would spill the secret!


My head is still spinning from the high. The engagement had everything that I didn’t know I could have: the surprise, our close friends, and the moment captured on camera. Even more so, I found a guy that has everything that I did not even know could exist: he is charming, thoughtful, and he loves me to the moon and back.