Joy and Glenn

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How We Met

We met in Las Vegas and shortly after dating he moved to San Diego, thus starting our long distance relationship!

how they asked

Excited we were finally going to the pumpkin patch to take cute pictures with my best friend and her boyfriend, I was caught off guard when Glenn told me we had to drive back to give his roommate keys that were left in the car. Forty minutes later, we met Blee at the clubhouse and I jokingly gave him a hard time for making us drive across town. As I rushed to get back to the car, Glenn quickly mentioned he needed to use the restroom. (But of course!) A short walk up the clubhouse, I began to see roses and pictures decorated all throughout the room. To my right, I noticed Jules, the paparazzi, snapping away and I couldn’t help but smile. I didn’t realize that this was “the moment” as Glenn did sweet things like this often, but when he read me a letter titled, “To my last girlfriend,” I knew. I knew Glenn had a few serious relationships before me and I wondered how we even came to be. I knew we met during a time when we both weren’t looking, yet somehow we were each other’s best surprise. Above all, I knew I loved the man who stood before me because He had given me peace about him. With an excited heart he ended the letter with a kiss and led me to the edge of the two-story clubhouse. Below spelled out with the cheers of our friends and family was the question “will you marry me?” and with all the joy in my heart, I knew he was the one, and gladly said yes.

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