Joy and Andre

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Four Seasons Hotel (rooftop)

How We Met

We’d crossed paths, lived in the same city, hung around the same people, yet STILL hadn’t engaged in an actual conversation until we became friends on Facebook!

I still remember the day Andre sent me a friend request nearly two years ago. I logged onto Facebook like I normally did everyday and noticed I had a message. When I went to check it the first thing I saw was, “Hey Joy! How’s your week going? :)”. From that moment on we were talking everyday for weeks until he said, enough is enough! He had to see me face to face!

I was out to dinner with my older sister when he asked “What are you up to?” I told him and soon after he walks through the doors of the restaurant and it was the cutest moment! That day we shared our testimonies, shared some laughs, and even had some serious conversations. From that day on we were inseparable!

After five or so months of pursing me, he finally asked me to officially be his. Without hesitation I said YES! It was one of the best decisions I’ve made! We’ve had our hardships, shared some tears, experienced so may happy and joyous moments. We endured some uncomfortable transitions, experienced growth together, and most of all LOVED each other through it all.

I’m so happy he chose to love me and I couldn’t imagine doing life with anyone else!

Joy's Proposal in Four Seasons Hotel (rooftop)

how they asked

One of our friends (and stylist), Dana, asked me to model some looks for her new look book she was doing for her fashion company. It wasn’t out of the ordinary because she’d asked me to model for her before. Of course I agreed! She and I later met up for a fitting, and found the dress she wanted me to model for her, and described to me how the shoot would go!

Fast forward to the day of the proposal (unbeknownst to me) I saw her at church and she told me that we would have to leave right after service to go get dressed and to get my makeup done. She and everyone I saw that day was being so weird! People that I usually would be in constant communication with were being distant and I had no idea why.

After getting my makeup done, I called Andre to tell him how the day was going and to let him know where the photo shoot would be. He said that he wouldn’t be able to make it because he was working overtime! Once again, not unusual at all. His job calls for mandatory overtime almost everyday so I didn’t think anything of it.

I arrived to the location of the shoot, the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel, and we got right to taking pictures!!

Proposal Ideas Four Seasons Hotel (rooftop)

For some odd reason I kept saying, “I wish Andre was here..” Everyone that was around kept saying it’ll be okay, and he’ll see the pictures, reassuring me that he was going to get to enjoy this moment later on..I just didn’t know it’ll be much sooner that I thought!

Dana eventually requested that I take a couple of shots on the rooftop. It was freezing cold but I wanted to be a good sport for her photo-shoot so we went out and continued the shoot. She particularly wanted me to take some pictures facing the view..the St. Louis Arch.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Four Seasons Hotel (rooftop)

The photographer wanted to get some shots with only me in them so the other ladies (who are also friends) one by one began to move towards the back while he got some shots of me.

Where to Propose in Four Seasons Hotel (rooftop)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Four Seasons Hotel (rooftop)

Joy and Andre's Engagement in Four Seasons Hotel (rooftop)

As he’s taking pictures I noticed someone tugging at me. Assuming it was someone adjusting me, I didn’t turn around right away.

I eventually turned around and there my love stood with all of our family and friends! I immediately burst into tears!

He goes on to tell me how much he loves me and can’t imagine his life without me! He gets down on one knee and asks me to be his wife and with no hesitation I said YES!!

November 27th was literally the best day of my life! The man I love was planning for months and I had no idea! I’m so excited for this journey we’re on! I can’t wait to soon be his wife and spend forever with my forever!

Special Thanks

Dana Watkins
Ed Rhone