Jowita and Adrian

Image 1 of Jowita and Adrian

How We Met

We have known each other since our high school years (we went to different schools) we would check in with each other every so often but we were both so busy between nursing school and Adrian starting his own business. In 2018 I was working a 12-hour shift on New Year’s Day and while I was working I prayed that I would get sent home early because the hospital was not busy with patients. I wanted to start my year off by going to the 5 pm mass. Luckily my prayers came true! I left work at 3 pm, got ready, and went to church!

Image 2 of Jowita and Adrian

Towards the end of the mass, I walked past Adrian and tapped him on the shoulder and we both said hi! When I got into my car after mass I saw a notification from Adrian asking me out on a date! My answer was “Yes! But let’s do anything BUT dinner”

On January 3rd Adrian picked me up in this very thin sweater with no coat so I said we will only go IF he puts on a real coat! It’s winter in Downtown Chicago it’s freezing!! So we went to his parents’ house and I thought I’d wait in the car….but he said: “let’s go!” So I met his parents on our first date!! The sweetest people…I couldn’t stop smiling! Then we went Downtown Chicago to ice skate and then we went to a dine-in movie theater and watched Jumanji! It was on that night that we both knew we were soulmates!

Image 3 of Jowita and Adrian

How They Asked

Every year on our anniversary we take a snowboarding trip and this year we needed to think of a trip for our 5 year anniversary! I was thinking we don’t take a trip this year because we are in the midst of remodeling our entire house. But due to the world shutting down we didn’t go on our annual trip in 2020 so we thought….why not! We’ve always wanted to go to Norway to see the northern lights so we decided on Norway! As we were planning we figured we’d make it an entire Euro trip! Start in Norway -> Switzerland -> Italy -> and our home country Poland!

We booked a few northern light tours… the first one was a northern lights chase. You bundle up in snowsuits and drive as far as you need to in order to “chase the lights” we drove nearly 3 hours to the border of Finland and when we got off the bus…there were no lights :( they were not visible to the naked eye, only on camera. So we ventured back and hoped we’d be lucky on the next tour.

Image 6 of Jowita and Adrian

The next day (our 5-year anniversary) we booked the “Arctic Reindeer Experience” we arrived at a field surrounded by a herd of 300 reindeer! We arrived at a Sami hut where we sat around a fire and learned about the Sami culture. Then we got little buckets and went out into the field and fed all the reindeer! As if it wasn’t straight out of a fairytale already…we looked up at the sky and the northern lights were shining across the whole sky! After feeding the reindeer it was time to take our sleigh ride. A man came up to us and said he thought one of the sleighs was broken so they took it off the trail of sleighs, after they “looked it over” they realized it wasn’t broken after all.

Image 4 of Jowita and Adrian

But we get our very own private sleigh ride! In my head I was thinking…wow we got so lucky! The reindeer was taking us on a long ride out by the water and the guide asked if we wanted a photo with the sleigh and reindeer under the northern lights. And we said OF COURSE! A few photos later I hear Adrian say my full name…I turned towards him and he was down on one knee!!! “Will you marry me?” My eyes filled with tears and I don’t even remember if I said yes I hugged Adrian with all of my strength! (I asked him after and I did say yes😂) he picked me up and twirled me….surrounded by the green lines in the sky!! This was the most magical moment of my entire life!!! We got back into the sleigh and he brought a speaker and played our song (Perfect by Ed Sheeran) My very own Disney movie moment!!! (I’m a huge Disney fan) And now we will be GETTING MARRIED!!! Cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together!!!

Image 5 of Jowita and Adrian

The first tour where you can only see the northern lights through the camera lens

Feeding the reindeer!

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Image 9 of Jowita and Adrian