Jovanna and Brian

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how they asked

We were just wrapping up a three-hour night time Bike Tour that he booked when we got here on Monday. He said he wanted to take a walk afterward just to see a little more of the area. Him knowing I don’t know geography well he pretty much probably knew I didn’t realize we were walking towards the Washington Monument (I had no clue).

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When it appeared I thought this is cool but we’ve seen it, it’s night time we need to get back to the hotel. He said no problem and he would call Uber as he reached to get his “phone” he stopped and said “As the men in your life, Chase and I have a question to ask you” It was in that very moment that I knew what he was about to do and I literally pretty much lost time. The next thing I remember was him saying he wanted me to be in the family forever and would I marry him and in the most humble and sincerest tone I’ve ever heard myself speak I said Yes ?

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