Jourdyn and Sam

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How We Met

Our story is a bit unique in that Sam and I have known each other for many years, yet our paths never truly crossed until about 3 years ago. We both attended Merrill High School where we had many classes together, played varsity basketball, and even had many of the same friends growing up…yet neither of us had ever truly gotten to know the other one that well!

Fast forward to December 23rd of 2014. On a fateful night in Merrill, many friends home for the holidays were out and about getting together for a few drinks and catching up! We both happened to be in the same bar, when I spotted Sam across the way and decided to go over and say hi (because he was super cute and also I had a few drinks of courage in me). We hit it off and decided to meet up in Madison for dinner (where we both attended college). When I gave Sam my number, I accidentally swapped a few digits around!! After Sam texted a random stranger and finally got my true number off of Facebook (thank goodness for modern technology), we finally managed to get dinner together.

Yet, this is not where our story really began as a couple. From this dinner, we didn’t see each other for over a month and only chatted through a random text here and there. Then one day in April of 2015, I felt compelled to text Sam and ask him if he wanted to grab Subway with me. He, fortunately, said yes! From this day…a beautiful friendship was formed. We were in constant communication, texting each other daily. We met up for coffee, watched movies, and Sam even made me some super yummy pancakes one night (which was an instant game changer for me…pancakes are really the key to my heart)!

Our friendship continued to flourish and every day we realized how alike we truly were. I soon realized that Sam was one of the kindest, smartest, and most genuine friends I had ever had (& Sam had obviously been in love with me since high school…just kidding). We realized we really had a good thing going and it would be ridiculous not to give our friendship a chance to be more than that.

On April 28th, 2015, our friendship became something so much bigger than us. It was on this day, that we officially became a couple, and we thank God every day for bringing us together.

Since that day, we have been inseparable and have shared over 2 years of laughs, memories, and love. In our time together, we cheered each other through our undergraduate graduations & acceptances to UW-Madison’s Physician Assistant Program (me) and UW-Madison’s Medical School (Sam), we have helped each other move five times, have gone to Italy, Cali, and Seattle, and have shared hundreds of cups of coffee together. I know that Sam is my forever best friend and I can’t wait to share more moments and memories with him as husband and wife.

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how they asked

On June 22nd, 2017, a new chapter began in our lives. After a long day at my clinical rotation, I did my typical routine of heading out to Sam’s house and relaxing with him while watching a movie. On this particular day, it was raining out and also very cold (at least I thought it was cold.. Sam begs to differ). For a while, we sat on the couch and did some schoolwork while watching a movie. Sam then announced that there was a beautiful rainbow out and that we should go look at it! I love nothing more than to take pictures, so I eagerly obliged and walked 1o feet outside to snap a picture of the gorgeous rainbow before it started raining again. Little did I know, the day before Sam had asked my parents if he could spend the rest of his life with me, to which they gave him their blessing. Poor Sam was trying to find the perfect opportunity to pop the question and saw his opportunity slip away when I ran back inside after taking my picture of the rainbow and was once again cuddled up under a pile of blankets. Not easily discouraged, Sam came up with a new idea. If you know Sam, you know there is nothing he loves more than to fish. Sam asked me if I wanted to go out on the dock and see if we could catch anything. I said “absolutely not”, as I would like a snack and a nap, please. Well if Sam hasn’t realized this once, he’s found out a million times that I am incredibly stubborn and on that particular day was not feeling fishing in the least. After twenty minutes of Sam being insistent I come fishing with him, I (sassily) agreed…but I was only planning on running to the end of the dock and turning around to go right back inside just so I could say I “went outside”. Sam wasn’t going to waste opportunity number 2 to propose so as soon as I made it to the end of the dock, he knew he had me cornered! Sam pulled out the ring box and got down on one knee. I was completely taken aback (as you can see from my body language in the picture), because Sam had promised up and down that we would get engaged 4 years down the road once he finished medical school. Yet, before he even had finished his full proposal, I screamed “YES!” and gave him a big hug. Baxter, Sam’s Bernese Mountain Dog, joined us at the end of the dock while we celebrated our first few moments as an engaged couple. So under a rainbow in the rain…we kicked-off our journey towards husband and wife!