Jourdan and Nick

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How We Met

I (Jourdan) am originally from upstate NY and Nick from Southern CA. One day I decided to pack up my car, drive to California and never look back. About a month into living here a friend of mine from back home asked me if she could come stay with me for a little… I of course said yes! When she got here she introduced me to this app called ‘Hot or Not'(I believe it was before Tinder’s time). I downloaded it as a joke, assuming I’d get some laughs out of it. For a few days I would just scroll through really fast hitting “not” to every guy I saw. One day I decided to actually look through and see what it had to offer. That was when I found Nick.

For about a month we talked over text and occasional calls. I really wasn’t looking for anything. I didn’t even want to date anyone. After about the 10th time of asking me to meet him (we only lived 10 mins away from each other) he asked me to come to his friends house in San Diego for a little party. My mom was in town that night so I told him no at first. When I was at dinner with my mom, however, I told her about him, how nice he seemed and how bad he had been trying to meet me, but I still wanted nothing…

Then, she told me to get in the car and drive to San Diego now (I lived in Laguna Beach). So I did.

When we first saw each other… we both instantly knew. We did nothing but talk until the sun rose and it was one of the most special nights of my life. I am a believer of love at first sight, and with every piece of me I believe that is what happened to us. Something pulled me across this country for a reason, and I’m so glad it was him.

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how they asked

The clock had just struck 12:00AM on May 3rd, 2015…. my birthday! We were getting ready for bed and while I was brushing my teeth, Nick said “I’m going to get Ayden ready for bed” (we had a son in April 2015!).

When I was done, I went into Ayden’s room to say goodnight and as soon as I walked in to the room, Nick picked him up really fast from the changing table and said “Can you go get me some reallllllllly cold water”. I was like “uhhhhh sure?”

So I got him a cold bottle of water out of the fridge and went right back. I handed Nick the water and went to kiss Ayden goodnight. I looked at him about 3 times before I realized that his onesie said “Will You Marry My Daddy?”

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When I turned around, Nick was on his knee, with a tear in his eye, and asked if I would be his wife. We sat in our son’s room for the next 2 hours and drank champagne, talked about our future, and stared at our baby boy (yes, we know, it was wayyyyy passed his bed time but he had to be part of the celebration).

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We spent the next day hiking around Catalina Island and eating spectacular food :) It was truly the most special proposal I could have imagined. In our home, with our baby – where we are happiest!

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