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My family (my parents, 2 sisters, their husbands) and my fiancé and I went to Chicago the last weekend of July to celebrate my oldest sisters birthday. We arrived Saturday evening and had dinner, and Sunday we had tickets to the Cubs game. Sunday morning my parents and I went on a run with my sister before brunch. We were running around the Art Museum where we approached a sign that read “Jourdan.” I thought it was really weird because it was spelled the way that I spell my name with a “u.”

We turned a corner to find another sign that said “keep running this way” and after that another sign that read “wait and see.” After “wait and see” I knew something great was going to happen because any surprise that James had ever planned he always says that I will have to “wait and see.” I approached the last sign that read “the surprise is with me” and there James was, standing in the middle of a garden downtown Chicago, singing “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” and playing his guitar. It was perfect.

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In the photo above from left to right there is my mom, sister, me, and my other sister!

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