Joslyn and Travis

How We Met

Growing up in a sports fanatic family, my Dad would take me to all of the High School Baseball games home or away. Being a little 8th grade girl, my friends and I would scout out the “hottest” players on the team. My favorite was the Senior blonde haired pitcher with a number 3 on his back….. Although he had no clue who I was until about 6 years later, I had the biggest crush on him while watching Alvin High School advance to the semi finals! Travis and I officially met at a friends party while watching the Texas Aggies play during The Cotton Bowl. I was so puzzled that he wanted to talk to ME the entire night instead of watching the Aggies play an exciting game. Although he did not ask me for my number that night, I did run into him a few more times months down the road then fate took a toll for we were inseparable!

Image 1 of Joslyn and Travis

how they asked

Travis and I planned to celebrate Halloween weekend with our friends at The Square in San Marcos, Texas. On our way to the hill country it was storming so badly that I thought our weekend would be spent indoors all while it rains. While pulling into San Marcos, Travis informs me that we will be making a stop at Jacobs Well in Wimberly to pick up something from his friend. As we begin to pull up to the riverside, all we could see was flash flooding signs, about 5 cars washed up along the bank and people pulled over to watch the powerful river flow by. Adventurous Travis decided that once we got to Jacobs Well we should walk over to where the cliffs hung over the creekside of where we loved to go swimming. Ironically Travis states “You know our love can get through any storm that comes our way right?” yes of course babe I know that! He then begins to say “you know I’m going to take care of you for the rest of your life right?” So I blatantly reply “well you are going to have to ask to marry me first!” And next thing I know, all of my gazing towards the flood destruction would turn into seeing the man I love on one knee with this beautiful rock in his hand!

Image 2 of Joslyn and Travis