Josipa and Anthony

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How We Met

Anthony and I met at a Croatian religious retreat. After losing my brother (20 years old) four years ago following a tragic plane accident, I thought everything would come to an end. I lost hope for life and everything life had in store for me. I ended up getting really sick losing tons of weight resulting in a lengthy admission to the hospital. A couple months after getting discharged from the hospital I took part of a Croatian religious retreat which was made for all Croatians all over North America. I remember vividly sitting in the pews at the church as the priest guided us in a reflection- “Dedicate this weekend to someone and pray to them.” I sat there in tears of course praying to my angel, I whispered “I would like something in my life to make me happy, to bring back some happiness.” Two days later, I started talking to this man who literally changed my life. It was the first time I genuinely smiled. From bringing back my smile to taking me out on dates taking my mind off life’s struggles and sorrows, little did I know I would be dating my future husband.

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how they asked

It wasn’t just a regular mid-day Saturday date. He took me out for lunch to a very elegant restaurant. Following our very delicious meal he took me to a gorgeous park nearby. As we walked through the park we looked at the gorgeous flowers and water fountains. He sat me down to show me a video he made. The video started off with photos of us throughout the years then a part that instantly shook me as I watched. As my guardian angel is a huge part of my daily life, the video shown was Anthony at the cemetery praying to receive the blessing my brother always wanted to give before his little sister takes on this big life step.

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In tears, he stood me up to ask “Will you make my dreams come true and make me the happiest man on earth?” “YES!”

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