Josie and Ken

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How We Met

Ken and I met when we both were attending the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Ken had just transferred to UNCC from Shorter University, and I was a sophomore who worked in the Office of New Student and Family Services. Being a new student, Ken wandered into my office one day and asked me for directions to get to the Health Center. He must have been very lost because he was on the complete opposite side of campus from where he needed to be! When he walked in, I was taken aback because he is very handsome, so I made sure to take some extra time giving him directions. I printed him out a map and everything! I had a really good feeling about him after he left, and I even searched all over Facebook to try to find him. All I knew was his first name and that he had just transferred to Charlotte…so it took a while but I found him! I planned on reaching out, but the next day Ken actually came back to my office and asked me out to dinner! I guess that he had that same good feeling that I did!

how they asked

Ken has been away for Navy training since November, so we don’t get to see each other very often. I had been so excited because he finally got leave and was planning a trip to come visit me for 4th of July weekend for about 3 days. In the weeks leading up to the visit, we couldn’t stop talking about our plans for the trip down to every last detail. He flew in on Friday night, and when I picked him up at the airport I was as happy as I could have been. On Saturday morning we had plans to take our dog, Happy, on the beach so that she could run around before it got too busy for the day. We got coffee at my favorite local shop, breakfast at Bojangles, and headed to the beach access that I regularly go to.

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When we got there we were running around and having a great time with Happy, but then it started to rain pretty hard. I asked Ken if we could start walking back to the car and he replied “No, it will let up! Lets keep walking!” Reluctantly I said okay and we continued playing with the dog and walking up and down the beach getting soaked by the rain that did not slow down. I was very confused about why he wouldn’t let us leave! When he finally gave the okay to start walking back in the direction of the car, he slowed down and started talking about our lives together and all of that good stuff.

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Then, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I of course said yes. Turns out, he wouldn’t leave the beach despite the rain because he was waiting for one of my close friends and one of her photographer friends to show up to take pictures of the special moment!

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So even though we were all wet from the rain and sandy, it was so worth it because we got engaged on the beach and in a rain storm and it was absolutely perfect.

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Special Thanks

Kelby Stewart
 | Photographer