Josie and Clair

Image 1 of Josie and Clair

How We Met

We went to physical therapy school together, but our first date was bike riding where he ended the night saying, “wow you’re cooler than I expected.” 😂

How They Asked

We were walking around his undergrad campus (Texas A&M) when he took me to this gorgeous old tree called the Century Tree. He explained that tradition said, you don’t walk under the tree unless you’re serious about your significant other because then they would be in your life for 100 years. I rolled my eyes thinking he was making up a corny story, but he replied, “no I’m serious”. “Plus if you propose Under this tree you’re guaranteed to be together forever”. Again, I rolled my eyes, but he dropped to one knee. He told me he wanted to be together forever and asked me to be his wife. In shock, I grabbed the ring box and screamed yes. Turns out this is a real thing at Texas A&M so students had stopped to watch and cheered when we stood up and kissed. Possibly the most movie-esque thing that has ever happened to me.