Josie and Brian

Image 1 of Josie and Brian

How We Met

I met Brian through a mutual friend. I honestly didn’t want to go on the first date because my niece was born that day, and I wanted to be with my family at the hospital! My mother urged me to go and I left to meet up with him. I wasn’t super excited until I met him and I was like “oh he’s pretty cute, and tall!” (I’m 5’10” and like guys who are taller!) The date was clever and fun and short! (I hate marathon dates hah) I ended up crashing on a scooter right in front him. I was so embarrassed, I thought he’d never want to see me again, but he ended up asking me out for another date! He said he thinks me being clumsy is cute… he’s probably the only one who does! haha Guess that’s true love!

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how they asked

I love to do photo-shoots for fun. Without my knowledge, Brian contacted a couple of my friends to set up a fake photo-shoot. On the day of the shoot, I went to get my hair and makeup up done, and put on a stunning dress.

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I do photo shoots all the time so it seemed very normal to me. Little did I know that Brian was hiding out in the back of the studio to surprise me! We were towards the middle of shooting when the photographer had me face the window looking away from the back door.

Image 5 of Josie and Brian

She then had the makeup artist touch up my makeup so Brian could sneak behind me unnoticed. Then I turned around to find Brian on one knee with the biggest smile on his face!

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I was so shocked to see him there that I yelled out ” OH MY GOSH!!”. He then said some sweet words(I actually don’t remember what he said and neither does he! We both were kind of in shock, But I assume it was sweet haha) and asked me to marry him and of course I said, YES!

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Special Thanks

Braadyn Ashely
 | Photographer/friend
 | Makeup artist/friend
Janay Marie
 | Dress designer