Josie and Brad

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How We Met

We met in the CATS Tutor Center at the University of Kentucky. I was a first-time tutor and was assigned to Brad, who was a senior at the time on the UK track team. I had taken those psychology classes I was tutoring him in during my sophomore year, so I was pretty nervous to have to tutor someone older than me for my first semester on the job! I remember the moment he walked in: fresh from practice, exhausted, and SUPER intimidating. I was always way too early, and because our sessions were at 9pm, I was always pretty tired myself. I sat on the chairs in the lobby and basically stalked every person who came in until he came over and asked if I was his tutor.

I was automatically intrigued by Brad, because he was this big guy (6’3″ All-American shot-putter, kind of big), but was also so kind and gentle during every tutor session. We definitely did much more talking than tutoring throughout the semester, and I quickly was interested in him. Because of the NCAA rules, though, we did not go out on our first date until the end of the semester. That was torture! He still says I was the worst tutor because we never did much school work, but he did receive and A in the class, so I must have done a decent job!

We went out for pizza on our first date, and after, he dropped me out without kissing me goodnight. I was pretty upset because we were leaving for winter break the next day and I really thought he would seal the deal that night. I texted him soon after and told him I thought he would kiss me, and not 10 minutes later, there was a knock at my front door. I stepped outside and he had a pink rose in hand waiting for me. It was honestly like this rom-com moment where he kissed me and I felt like there needed to be some dramatic music in the background because it was magical.

We dated throughout the rest of my Junior and Senior years at UK while Brad finished his Master’s program in education. After graduation, I was headed off to Notre Dame for law school and he was starting his teaching career in Ohio. We have been doing the long distance thing for about 1.5 years now and it’s not always easy, but SO worth every second. We see each other every couple of weeks and the time together is never long enough. We plan on moving to Chicago after my graduation in 2019, and finally being able to see each other every day cannot come soon enough!

Proposal Ideas Lexington, Kentucky

Josie and Brad's Engagement in Lexington, Kentucky

how they asked

Our favorite place in Lexington, the UK Arboretum, is right off of UK’s campus. I was in town for a bachelorette party for one of my best friends and Brad took the day off of work so spend that Friday with me in the place where it all began. He was so anxious that entire week leading up to being back in Lexington, but I never knew why until the very moment he was getting down on one knee!

He picked me up with a Chipotle picnic lunch in hand (he knows the way to my heart) and we just sat and laughed through lunch together. The bag was holding the ring box (of course) it broke in the car on the way there! So he quickly asked me to go throw out the bag and put the box in his back pocket instead of the broken bag. After lunch, he asked if I wanted to go for a walk around the arboretum and I gladly obliged, because this was truly the best day: being back in my favorite place on earth with this amazing man and reminiscing about all of our memories there together.

At the end of the trail, there is a beautiful rose garden and he took me there, which was the first time I spotted the ring box in his back pocket all afternoon! He started to get emotional about our relationship and how far we had come from those two kids in the tutor room and I just stood in that moment, surreal and in shock that it was all about to happen. When he got down on one knee, in the middle of the rose garden, just me and him in that moment, it was amazing and shocking and so perfect.

We were able to begin our forever in the place where it all began. Just the two of us. And it was perfect.