Josiany and Juan

Where to Propose in Cancun

How We Met

He knew of me from mutual people and had seen me on social media. He started messaging me on Instagram here and there and I didn’t pay him any mind. He finally asked me on a date to sushi and I was kind of stand offish, until I noticed he wasn’t going to stop insisting, so I went.

How They Asked

Two years ago we had been in Cancun, while we were still just going on dates and not officially together. We had gone to Isla Mujeres and he asked me to take a picture with him on the beach, which was our first picture ever together. Two years later we had planned a trip to Cancun for his mom’s 50th birthday and so his immediate family was going. We went back to that same spot and he popped the question . My first response, before saying yes, “shut the F*** up. Are you serious?!” Then I cried and said yes!

Josiany's Proposal in Cancun