Joshua and Sue

How We Met

Josh and I met through his sister. She had been a leader of a small group at our church for quite some time and I had recently joined the group after coming back home to Dallas to start my new job! She had talked about her younger brother before and how I was to meet him soon as he was to move to Dallas for a job opportunity. There was definite social media stalking prior to actually meeting him and I found that he liked sports and traveling (like me) and I definitely would be lying if I didn’t say that I thought he was super cute, and man, did he have the best, best smile. But I digress…

Well, the day finally came when he moved to Dallas and even after driving over 24 hours, he came out to the same bar that I was at that night for drinks. Nervously, I went over to where Josh was to introduce myself so that I could finally meet him. Only thing was, Josh was sitting in the inside of the booth with his friends where it was too awkward to reach over and shake his hand so we merely waved to each other. But of course, it was an awkward meeting. Josh’s sister called us out for not shaking hands so we then awkwardly reached over the table to shake hands as others around the table stopped their conversations for us to do so. Even thinking about that moment now makes me squeal in embarrassment but nonetheless, this was the beginning of our friendship.

From here, we continued to see each other at church, small group meetings, and other friends’ gatherings where we were able to get to know each other and I guess to create a sort of interest for each other until… New Years Eve. Gathered with the rest of our friends, we ringed in the very first new year together with a bang! Obviously, there was no kiss here (we just met you know!) but nonetheless it was a fun night. So much fun that I was too tired to drive home that night so Josh’s sister offered her home for me to crash at which I obliged.

Completely unprepared to sleepover, I asked if I could borrow a shirt to sleep in (New Year’s Eve wear is not the most comfortable). Josh gave me his old soccer jersey to sleep in (I asked him if he did this on purpose, giving me his old soccer jersey to wear, and he said yes! He even admitted that this is when he started to think of me more than a friend!) and offered me his bed while he insisted to sleep in the living room. “Wow, what a sweet guy,” I thought to myself as I tried to go to sleep, which didn’t take long.

A week passed and I started to develop feelings towards him because of how kind he was and how he was just a fun person to be around. I still had to give back Josh his jersey but I wanted to be courteous and wash Josh’s shirt before giving it back to him. So after I washed it, I realized that I wouldn’t see him again for another couple days so I had stashed two dryer sheets to make sure his soccer jersey would maintain its freshness prior to me handing it over to him – Korean food is always cooked in my home and it can get pretty stinky at times.

I gave Josh his jersey back that Friday at our small group meeting and went home to sleep the best dreamless sleep. It’s not until the next morning that I woke up from my blissful sleep when I realized my mistake – I never took our the dryer sheets from his soccer jersey!! I bolted out of bed as I texted my friend, MJ, asking her what to do. From the very beginning, she was the one that was waiting for the day to come where we started dating so this was an easy decision for me to confide in her. I was nervous about what Josh would think of me. He probably thought I was a weirdo putting dryer sheets inside clothes and not taking it out. MJ told me to message him just so that I could clear the air. So with a deep breath, I mustered the courage to message him in an effort to explain myself. It felt like hours to me but within a couple minutes, he finally responded. “Yeah, what’s up with that?! Oh my gosh, he definitely thinks I’m a weirdo but then he followed up with, “Just kidding, it’s all good.” Whew, so he DOESN’T think I’m a weirdo! Praise Jesus. Crisis averted.

Looking back on this now, I guess it didn’t seem like a big deal but it was definitely a freak out moment at the time because I wanted to make a good impression on him since my intentions were to date him. Well, the intentions seemed to be mutual because we messaged all day that day. Eventually, we got each other’s numbers and we’ve been talking every day ever since!

Neither one of us were looking for a relationship at the time and we always laugh about how Jesus has a funny humor because we weren’t expecting to be in a relationship, let alone to fall in love, and He had different plans for us. We always reminisce back to these moments of how we met because the dryer sheets sparked our conversation – who would’ve known that a silly thing like dryer sheets could lead to a relationship that would last a lifetime.

Joshua and Sue's Engagement in Dallas, TX

(Here is the official couple picture of Josh and I where we officially posted on social media to declare to our social media network that we were dating).

how they asked

Fast forward three years. It was a normal Saturday morning – or so I thought. My dearest friend, Grace and I were planning on grabbing lunch and getting our nails done that day. She said that she wanted to treat me on a date so she offered to pick me up. I guess I should’ve assumed from here that something was going on. Usually, I love riddles and I love figuring out Josh’s surprises he plans for me. However, let me preface this entire day by saying that Josh had specifically asked me a week before not to be my detective self and to just be present. So, with no questions asked, Grace and I went on our way to lunch.

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This photo was taken by our very kind waiter who took 10 different photos and 10 different angles because well, you gotta have options when it comes to photos.

We sat down, ordered, got our food, devoured every last bit, and were ready for the check when oddly, a different waitress came to our table to say that someone had paid for our meal! I laugh about it now because the waitress actually said that someone had “Paid It Forward” so of course, I suggested to Grace that we do the same in which she awkwardly smiled suggesting we didn’t have to. So we didn’t pay it forward, but needless to say, I was completely surprised but I didn’t have much time to process it because Grace and I were starting to be late for our nail appointment.

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(Josh outside of where Grace and I were having lunch before he went in to pay for our meal).

So on we went to Ulux Nail Spa in Dallas where we were pampered with a wonderful manicure and a shoulder massage that made me feel like I never wanted to leave. Grace and I had a blast together and I came to find out that this was her first time getting a manicure! Of course, I felt honored to be going with her to get her first manicure together. She then explains to me that the manicure was her treat, but I refused and denied it because I wanted to treat her! Grace sneakily tells me that the honest truth is that she received a gift card from work because she had won a raffle. What was the raffle for? Why did you choose this gift card? Every question had a well-thought-out answer and I have to hand it to Grace I had no idea that she was lying the ENTIRE time because I believed her and she ended up paying for the manicure with the gift card that Josh had previously purchased the day before. I genuinely was so touched and surprised because how lucky am I to have a friend like Grace who is willing to share her gift card with me??

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(This is a picture of Josh just outside of Ulux as Grace and I were getting our manicures).

Next, on the agenda, we were to meet my best friend, Jessica, at the mall who “had to buy something” which in reality she actually did but more the reason to go to the mall to be surprised yet again. (Are you sensing a theme here?) We went on our merry way to North Park and sure enough, as I am calling Jessica to tell her we are walking by the J.Crew, we are abruptly stopped by two strangers. They proceeded to tell me that they were from a church and were giving out gift bags to bless people’s days and spread kindness and joy! What?! Did they know that I had already had a meal and manicure purchased for me? Did Jesus speak to them to find me?! Explaining that one of the bags had a $100 North Park coin in there, they asked us to take all three of the bags they were holding because they were the last bags they had for the day. I obliviously obliged because well, we were going to meet Jessica soon! I thought it was a great coincidence that ended up in our favor when obviously again, very planned. Note that I actually am still on the phone with Jessica up to this point and she’s basically just waiting for me to stop screaming and saying, “Thank you, thank you so much,” multiple times. As we said our goodbyes and our many, many thank you’s, we looked in our bags. I secretly prayed for the $100 coin because I’ve never really won anything let alone had the “luck” that I had all throughout the day but I thought, well considering my luck today, I bet I could get – OH MY GOSH I GOT THE $100 coin! On a high that I’ve never felt before in my life, I began to think there is no way I’m this lucky; there is absolutely nothing that can top this feeling.” (Cue Josh’s evil plan laugh).

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(This photo was taken on our phone. We wanted to celebrate and remember the time we all got North Park coins).

Once we met up with Jessica, we were off to downtown Dallas to Klyde Warren Park to take pictures for Jessica’s new blog website. Jessica was launching her blog and thus had to take pictures as bloggers do! Grace and I were Jessica’s photographers for an hour or so when she kept insisting to take a photo in front of a wall because every good blogger has the staple wall photo. Grace found a wall at the Dallas Museum of Art and immediately, I gasped as I realized that wall is the exact wall where Josh and I took our first couple photo together. I briefly thought to myself “that would be a great place for Josh to propose,” but dismissed the thought.

Joshua's Proposal in Dallas, TX

There were a couple of people already there posing at the wall and after taking some photos of Jessica, she suggested we take a group photo and asked one of the strangers to take our picture. As we were taking our group photo, a black Honda drove by and stopped. I felt like the black Honda looked strangely familiar. Wait! What’s going on?! Slowly, it started to register as Josh got out of my brother’s car and everyone around me started to walk away. Josh came out with the biggest smile and gave me a bouquet of flowers and proceeded to walk me to the middle of the wall. I looked around and everyone around me had left and it was just me and him. Looking into each other’s eyes, the emotions started to set in.

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To be honest, everything was a blur because of the rush of adrenaline and the realization that Josh was proposing but something I remember distinctly: Josh didn’t say the typical line of “Will you marry me?” Josh and I always told each other that we would never live ordinary lives and that we always would strive for extraordinary lives that were always filled with adventure hence our couple hashtag, #adventuresofjayeness. Josh asked the question, “Sue Han, will you live an unordinary life filled with adventures with me?” Immediately, I bent down to embrace him and started to cry.

As I looked outward to the people clapping, I found familiar faces that weren’t there before: my brother, Jacob; my childhood friend, Ruth; Josh’s sister, her husband, their daughter, and most all of my people. There was one face that wasn’t familiar though. Josh had mentioned to me years ago when we were dating and talking about marriage that when he proposed to me that he would fly out his professional photographer friend, Kevin, from NYC to be the one to capture our proposal and Josh had kept his word after so many years! I went over to Kevin to meet him while everyone was yelling at me to allow Josh to place the ring – oops!

My emotions were everywhere. I couldn’t stop crying as each of my friends and family members came to embrace me.

(This is not staged. Actual ugly crying happening.)

(I asked them to give me 5 minutes where I would just cry and then fix my makeup because Jessica was trying to fix my makeup and having to refix it).

Each random act of kindness all led to this very moment and I can’t wait to see the adventures we will go on as we live the rest of our unordinary lives together.

Special Thanks

Kevin Kim
 | Photographer
Jessica Kim
 | Planning
Grace Choi
 | Planning