Joshua and Michaela

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How We Met

I knew I loved Michaela on our first date. She was funny, sarcastic, vulnerable, and intelligent. We had this sarcastic flirtatious banter between the both of us and she just intrigued me like no one before.

When I met Michaela though, a lot of me was broken. My identity teetered between complete confidence and a fragile insecurity. I was afraid to get hurt. Michaela changed that though. She helped me see those parts of me that were broken and showed me truth. I was afraid of the shadows and you came into my life and turned all of the lights on.

Some people ask how you can know someone is the right person for you so soon. How can you not? How can you not know that you’ve met the person you’ve been looking for your whole life? How can you not witness this one person picking up all the broken parts of who you are, seeing it, loving it and embracing it? How can you not feel yourself falling so in love with them that everything in your life changes for the better?

Throughout the course of our relationship we shared a strong connection and deep and intimate friendship. I told her pretty quickly that she just felt familiar to me. She felt like home and I didn’t really understand why.

We found out she was pregnant and we were so scared, afraid, ashamed even. It took us a while to decide what we really wanted to do. What could have torn us completely apart actually became the thing that brought us closer together.

Every one struggles makes mistakes. Isaiah 53 says we all like sheep have gone astray. I’ve realized that even though I search, and wander, God’s love for us is vast and wide and when I submit to him I’m at the mercy of that love and it brings me peace, it helps me make the hard decisions.

I’ve heard before that to love is to risk. maybe, to love is to live life. Because love, in its right sense, is an adventure, compelling us to live better stories with our lives. Love is the most creative and daring adventure anyone could choose to go on.

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how they asked

I knew Michaela was the one I wanted to marry on our first date. She was so inspiring, smart, intuitive and selfless.

She was just someone who I felt at home with right away. It was kind of weird because I knew this person for a few short months yet it felt like I had known her my whole life.

She was the kind of girl who listened to great music and already knew the meaning behind the song and I had never met anyone else who was like me in that way!

She was funnier and more sarcastic than I was and it intrigued me for sure. We had that flirtatious banter that carried us through the stages of talking.

That night that I picked Michaela up she had made me a mixed CD that said “I’m not good with words so yeah” with songs and she also had written me a letter saying that she had.

A feeling about that night. Upon reading the letter immediately cried. It said everything that any guy would love to hear.

The night I finally proposed I told her we were meeting up with friends but instead I took her to the river. I had gone earlier that day with a bunch of friends to set up the picnic and string lights.

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We walked down the river to the dock right on the water. The board walk was lit up with tea lights and the atmosphere was set, mostly by the purple and fuchsia skies. I told her how I felt and got down on one knee. She said yes!

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