Mariah and Joshua

how we met

We met about 7 years ago at a Disciple Now event at a church. My best friend invited me to go with her so it was my first time attending that church. When we first got there, we were hanging out in a small circle just talking. My best friends’ boyfriend was best friends with Josh so eventually Josh made his way over to the group! He was so hilarious and fun to be around! After that, we became good friends over the years!!

how they asked

There is a memorial park in downtown Milton where Josh’s grandfather has a brick with his name on it. Josh told me we were going to look for it. Totally not expecting a proposal to happen a little bit later. After we found the brick, we walked down the boardwalk with his parents. There was a little arch set up on a walkway in front of the river where Josh wanted to take a picture. As soon as we were done taking a picture, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him!

Special Thanks

Justine & Wayne
 | Photography
Pensacola Beach Gulf Pier
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