Joshua and Lindsley

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How We Met

We met working together. At first it was nothing until one day he walked into a light post and split his head open. I took him to the hospital where he had to get stitches and everything changed. Being together out side of work was the start of everything and I haven’t looked back since.

how they asked

My fiancee was at work and had planned on seeing his nephew after work. During the day he text me and said he just wasn’t feeling well which wasn’t abnormal during the time.. after getting off work and being with his nephew he text me and said he still felt off and didn’t want to drive home.. I got in the car and started the drive to come pick him up.. I was about 10 mins away when his brother called and said he was taking him to the hospital he just didn’t seem right… I rushed to the hospital the same place our relationship really began oblivious.. I get there and they take me to this room where he is all hooked up and looks like he’s Really sick.. and he says this is where it all started right? In my head all I can think is he’s dying.. but I say yes and he pulls out a ring and says this is where i want the rest of our lives to begin… will you marry me… I now think omg he’s asking to marry me because he is dying.. so asked if he was really sick and he says no.. the hospital staff was all in on it… regardless of my worry I couldn’t have imagined a better way for him to ask!

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