Joshua and Kassandra

How We Met

Our meeting was unexpected… we never thought we would actually make it this far! If I tell you from my perspective, Josh was very persistent in getting my attention. (He basically had to beg for weeks)! I was out with my friends one night.. when we ran into him and his friends. My best friend had in the past sly mentioned his name a few times, subtly hinting of what an amazing guy he was, but I was not interested in him… AT ALL. So when I saw him, I knew of him, but had never meet him. That night we introduced ourselves and started talking the whole night. The next day he begged to take me on a date, which he continued to do so for about 3 weeks until I finally caved in to ice cream which lead to a night filled of sugar, taking and singing to the radio. After only hanging out once, he then left for 6 months to play professional baseball. We would face time endlessly until I decided to fly 17 hours to visit him in Wilmington, Delaware. I felt so crazy flying to a man I had about 6 hours of face to face interaction. That’s when our love story took off on May 17, 2016.

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how they asked

This day was a dream come true! After numerous girlfriends telling me that today would be the day, I still had no idea it was actually happening. I kept telling him there is NO way possible and would have probably bet everything I had to prove that it was not happening. In January 2017, we started looking at rings, and the first place we looked I fell in love with a ring that was a custom one-of-a-kind emerald cut ring. He then told me he wanted to find something similar at a known jeweler. We then searched high and low at EVERY store in Fresno, California and Tuscan, Arizona and could not find what we were looking for! On June 5th, 2017, Josh and I had a trip to Cancun, Mexico planned. He he claimed he wanted to document our first big vacation together (to show our future kids) and booked a photo shoot at sunset on the beach. I really did not think anything strange of this however, everyone else thought that was odd considering he hates taking pictures! We arrived in Cancun, and he had our room filled with rose petals and champagne. I still had no indication that anything out the ordinary was happening. After getting ready for out photo shoot, we went down to the beach and started taking your typical beach style pictures.

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Towards the end of the shoot, the photographer told me to turn and face the ocean and as I turned around I saw the love of my life down on his knee with the ring I first saw in January! It took me the rest of the trip to put into reality that I get to marry my best friend.

Joshua's Proposal in Cancun, Mexico

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