Joshua and Jeanne

Proposal Ideas Yosemite National Park

How We Met

Josh & I met in the seventh grade in the lunch line at school…we were only 13 years old. My friend at the time would go up to him everyday in the lunch line and tell him how cute his nose was…so it wasn’t long before I took interest in the cute-nosed boy myself.

Joshua and Jeanne's Engagement in Yosemite National Park

Fast forward to a few weeks after innocent flirting here and there, when Josh asked me “to go out with him”. Now, mind you, “going out” in the seventh grade was mainly comprised of sweaty hand holding for ten minutes during break and being too shy to talk to one another, with a few exchanges here and there on MySpace. Nonetheless, 13-year-old Josh and I thought that we were taking part in some magically grand romantic experience. Sadly…it turned out that our “magical” 7th grade relationship lasted all but a couple weeks, until I had two of my friends break up with him for me during their P.E. period. But here’s the kicker…the day that I had my friends end our relationship ended up being Josh’s birthday of all days…which just truly goes to show how much we actually talked and communicated with each other. Saying that Josh thought I was evil would be the understatement of the century. Fast forward two years later, to the ninth grade, after Josh had swore up and down to his band of cronies that he “would never date another Asian again”…and here we are nearly 9 years later.

Josh & I are 23 now, and we’re celebrating our 9 year anniversary in exactly 6 days. I wish that I could say mine and Josh’s relationship has been purely blissful the past 9 years, but alas, we’re human. We’ve had our sea of ups and downs, seen each other in the lowest of lows and celebrated with each other through our greatest accomplishments. Being able to grow up with one another through all of the awkward prepubescent moments and stupid drama, has truly been a blessing. I wouldn’t trade any aspect of our relationship, or any good/bad/sad/glorious moments that we’ve been through together, for anything in the world.

how they asked

If there is one thing that those reading should know about Josh, its that he’s a free spirit. He’s adventurous, spontaneous, carefree in the best way, and its just contagious really. He would give the shirt off his back to anyone, whether its someone he loves to death or someone who he just met, and anyone that knows him could vouch for this. And if there’s one thing that those reading should know about me, its that I’m the exact opposite. My idea of being adventurous, spontaneous and carefree prior to meeting Josh was sitting at home all day and eating a whole bag of hot cheetos puffs to myself. Its safe to say that he’s definitely changed my life for the better.

It’s also important to note that when in a relationship with someone for almost 9 years…you pretty much just become one person. You share literally everything (food, secrets, toothbrushes?!), so its not surprising when I say that Josh and I are notoriously horrible at keeping secrets from one another. Whether its a good secret, bad secret, birthday/anniversary/Christmas present related secret, you name it…we’re horrible at doing it. Which is why I always used to say…when Josh is going to propose, I’m definitely going to know exactly when its coming. I was terribly mistaken.

A couple of years ago, Josh really changed my life by taking me on my first ever camping trip (mind you, I was a 21-year-old who had literally never been in a tent, let alone camped in nature for two nights), and since that time, we have been on nearly 20 camping trips. Personally, I’d say I can pitch a tent better than him, but of course he’ll tell you otherwise. Being the avid campers that we now are, we wanted to make a pilgrimage to the home of all things wild and free, mecca of all national parks, the Disneyland of all things nature: Yosemite National Park. So naturally, when we were able to magically book a spot in the heart of Yosemite Valley almost two months ago, we could not contain our excitement.

Fast forward to the week of our trip (& yes, I’m aware of my constant use of the phrase “fast forward”) and the day we drove into Yosemite for the FIRST TIME EVER. As a side note, if anyone reading this has yet to visit the majestic place that is Yosemite, it is a must go for all campers & non-campers alike!! As we rounded a corner in the park, the picturesque views of Half Dome and El Capitan came into place, and immediately Josh and I exchanged glances and told each other that our breath had literally just been taken away. It really is just such a beautiful, beautiful place. I knew right away when we got into the park that I wanted to visit one of the main tourist attractions known as Tunnel View. For those of you who don’t know, this is a spot in the Yosemite Valley that you can drive to to see El Cap, Half Dome and Bridalveil Falls all at once. So we get up there, and there’s a ton of people (because like I mentioned, its a main tourist attraction). We managed to get a couple of really good pictures from up top, and then Josh said he wanted to try to get a “one of a kind” picture of El Cap from a different angle, so off we went.

We drove back down the road until we ended up at some parking spots that were closer to El Cap, and Josh happened to find this meadow. Now, its really important for everyone to remember that I said that Josh is adventurous, spontaneous and carefree…and that I’m the opposite. Granted, he has been able to break me out of my shell little by little, but seeing the meadow in all of its uninhabited glory initially made me want to run back into my shell and stay there. After the usual protest and whining that Josh typically hears from me when he tries to coerce me into doing things that I don’t want to, something inside me just made me throw in the towel without much of a fight, and then I found myself following him into the meadow.

With his tripod and camera in hand, Josh and I trudged through the depths of the grassy (and probably bug-infested) meadow. I wanted to get the hell out of there as soon as possible (I kept thinking about the possibilities of getting bit by a tick) while Josh took his sweet ass time setting up the camera and trying to find the most picture perfect spot. So while I’m in the meadow worrying about trying not to get Lyme disease, Josh had some other intentions that were about to unfold.

Our first picture in the so-called “picture perfect” meadow ended up being a bust, mostly because Josh and I were caught in the shadows of the almighty El Cap. So after moving deeper into the meadow (gah) and finding a sunnier spot, we proceeded to take another picture. Okay so another side note…Josh had the camera on a self-timer, and for those reading who have not had experience with a self timer, the camera beeps and flashes to let you know that a picture is going to be taken. About two seconds before the picture is actually taken, the beeps and flashes get progressively faster, and then voila! the picture is complete. So we had the camera on a self-timer, with all of its beeping and blinking, and we ended up getting a prime photo. I was getting ready to run out of the meadow when Josh tells me we have to take yet ANOTHER photo. I was starting to get antsy so I asked, “why? what was wrong with the one we just took?” as he proceeds to ignore me and runs back to take a second photo. However, as he was running back to our spot, there was no blinking or beeping so I proceeded to tell him that he forgot to press the button which sets off the timer. After a few exchanges of “No, you didn’t and Yes, I did”, Josh runs back to the camera to fix it (I later found out that I sabotaged the video of my soon-to-be proposal). So finally, Josh puts the self-timer on, runs back over to me and we’re standing there waiting for this picture to be taken. Like I mentioned earlier, the beeping and blinking gets faster and faster the closer to the picture being taken. It all happened so fast, but I just remember seeing the blinks on the camera get faster, and all of a sudden I felt Josh pull away from me. I didn’t even have time to wonder what the hell he was doing until I turn to look and there he is on one knee with ring box open and in hand, saying the words “Will you marry me?”

The complete shock and utter disbelief was written all over my face, and was captured perfectly in the picture that I have attached below. It took me a good 15-20 seconds to actually realize what was going on in front of me, which naturally led Josh to begin getting worried and then led him to repeating question. Of course I said yes, and I guess the rest is just history :)

So this first picture above was the first successful picture of us in the meadow in front of El Cap, prior to the proposal. If you look closely, my hands are on Josh’s stomach, literally centimeters away from where he was keeping the ring box in his jacket pocket. (He swears that I felt the box, but in all honesty I was just thinking about getting the hell out of that meadow)

And this second picture right here was taken at the exact moment that Josh got down on one knee and proposed. His timing skills were right on point! A second later or a second too soon and we wouldn’t have been able to capture the most magical moment of our lives! (If you zoom in close enough, you’ll notice the absolute shock and disbelief on my face, as well as the biggest smile on Josh’s, knowing that he was able to surprise the living daylights out of me!!!!)