Joshua and Delilah

How We Met

Joshua and I went to kindergarten together. When we were 6 years old we fell in love with each other. These funny little children, playing around, holding hands and being by each other side. But, you know, he was a boy with weird interests, and I was a gentle girl who completely didn’t understand.

So we broke it off…. and got back together. Then broke it off again…. but we had to be together.

And so it went on and on, until high school when our paths separated.

15 years later, my brother tagged me in a Facebook meme, and underneath I say that Joshua tagged his sister too. I liked it, he started talking to me.

We had so much to discuss that we planned to have a drink together. Arriving there, we talked for 5 hours straight. Which is a great accomplishment for 2 introverts. After 3 days we were in a relationship. After 5 days he told me he loved me…. and he didn’t only say it with words… I could feel it to the tip of my toes.

Everything went into hyper-speed, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We truly are meant to be together.

How They Asked

We started talking about getting married 3 months in. It was something in the future, but we knew it would be Joshua and me forever.

After a few months more, we were basically already planning the wedding. Nothing was official, but neither of us could stop talking about it with each other and with friends and family.

We were looking at venues and rings and anything that had to do with it.

Proposal Ideas On a hill in Belgium

By now I knew he was planning an engagement. But boy oh boy, did he surprised me.

My best friend who is a videographer asked me if I would play in a video for her, to apply for a contest. ‘Sure’, I said.

She took me to a hill where we non-stop were going up a bit, a few steps back, then up again. And so on and on.

Joshua's Proposal in On a hill in Belgium

When we came to the last part before the top, she asked me to wait there, so she could go up and set up her gear.

By then it started to get dark.

I finally was aloud to climb the last few stairs, and when I reached the top, I saw My Prince Charming standing there, in front of a candle-lid red carpet, with roses in his hands, in front of lights that spelled ‘will u marry me’

I ran towards him, he took my hand, told me how I make him want to be a better man every day, and got down on one knee.

It was the most beautiful moment, I could never dream of! What a lucky girl am I to, not have a princess castle or dresses and luxury. But to be treated like a princess. I guess in the end, thats the princess every girl wants to be.