Amber and Joshua

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Marsh Creek State Park

How We Met

Josh and I met six years ago working at a country club called Apple cross. Josh worked as the “bag boy” or outside operation staff and I was a bartender inside. He would come to order lunch and I would run to the back because my face would turn so red when he would talk to me, I would become so embarrassed as I felt my face light up like a Christmas tree that I would fumble on my words and things would come out as word vomit basically any sentence I tried to put together was mush and didn’t make sense. I would even call my best friend while walking into the country club so he wouldn’t try to talk to me this way I was busy because if not I just melted when he would say hello. All the the inside staff could see how josh made me feel so one night when we all went out for a work dinner a few friends and I walked in late to the event and there were only 3 seats left at the table, they looked and me and said good luck since one of those seats was next to josh.

We sat and talked as he mentioned dogs and I went on for an hour embarrassing myself speaking of hott spots and how to fix them since he mentioned his dog had them. Some how some way he asked for my number, he thought I was cute and sweet. We had our first date a few nights later, I was so nervous again and when josh left to go to the bathroom the man at the table next to me asked me if it was our first date and I replied yes, he asked me if I liked the man that went to the bathroom and I replied yes a lot. He said good, word of advise breathe, relax and shut up your talking to much. I told josh when he returned from the bathroom we laughed so hard and I instantly felt comfortable with him, he talked for hours and hours laughing and enjoying each others company at a local dive bar, it was like we knew each other our whole lives and we both could feel the connection, at this moment I knew that I loved this man and the rest is history.

Proposal Ideas Marsh Creek State Park

how they asked

I woke up in the morning expecting to move my grandmother from her home, recently she lost her husband so we were planning to move her into a assisted facility. Little did I know she was in on the act and called me to cancel the move to a different date. I was upset due to it being so last minute and having friends of mine planning to come help josh & I move items. Josh could see the disappointment in my eyes and as I called to let everyone know we were cancelling the move he suggested that we go to get pictures taken with Santa & our dog at a local pet store and support our local adoption center. We recently adopted our dog Sawyer and he is my four legged child. I was so excited by his suggestion since I thought we were missing all of our opportunities to get pictures taken. Josh knew that this would get my hair out of the rats nest on top of my head and make me prepare for a picture to be taken, little did I know it would be more than just a picture with Santa and our boy Sawyer.

Once we were finished getting our picture taken josh suggested picking up sandwiches and visiting with his mom who lived close by. I was disappointed with our picture so he said since I didn’t like the picture we got taken with Santa and our fur baby that we could have his mom snap a photo of us down by the lake and let Sawyer run around for a little before lunch. I kept thinking what a great idea and was just going to suggest the same thing, it’s like we knew what one another were thinking. At this point I had no idea that my life was about to change. Josh and I are on our way to Marsh Creek one of our favorite places to come all year long, we bring our dog on walks, we go biking, fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding and have picnics at the same location he asked me to marry him at. So at the time I think this is normal for us to do. It is snowing and starts to have freezing rain with temperatures dropping by the minute, we get out of the truck and allow for Sawyer to walk and run around waiting patiently for his mom to arrive for us to have lunch. (She wasn’t coming) I saw something laying on the edge of the water, I asked josh to grab it and bring it to me, he picked it up and said looks like Sawyer got a new collar, I instantly think we need to drop this off to the address listed because it’s a beautiful leather dog collar.

I begin to read the tags and it says ” will you marry me ” I instantly start to look around thinking someone got engaged and left the collar here and I’m yelling to josh that we need to find this couple they are going to want this. As I turn around josh is down on one knee. I yell to josh to get up and say he’s not funny (josh loves being a prankster and is known to take things too far) josh replies to me this is not a joke, not this time, I love you with all my heart, you are my best friend, will you marry me?” I instantly start to melt I feel the same butterfly’s that I got when we first met six years ago, I start to say this is for me, but how, I love you, yes of course” I am so happy and filled with joy my body is shaking from my head to my toes and I couldn’t figure out if it was excitement or because I was so cold. I love this man with my entire heart he is my best friend and can’t believe that this is happening now.

Amber and Joshua's Engagement in Marsh Creek State Park

We go to walk towards our car and are just smiling holding hands in the perfect moment when I see my beautiful best friend, her boyfriend and my lovely for legged fur nephew come running out of the woods, I dropped to my knees yelling with excitement I couldn’t believe she was here she was suppose to be away in the mountains not running up to me!

They had a tray with champagne flutes and a bottle of champagne we popped the bottle right there in the park and had a toast to our future! As if my day couldn’t get better my best friend since I was a child was here with me and not to mention she’s an amazing photographer so now I know I am going to have pictures to document this amazing day.

Who wouldn’t be over joyed knowing they have that special moment captured. I am the luckiest girl in the world.. my days not over my lovely fiancé has planned more, he ordered food and had drinks waiting for us at home with an amazing decorated house and all of our closest friends and family waiting for us at our very small school house. So much loved filled our home that day, I was so happy I couldn’t believe that he planned all of this and that it was real.

Truly was the best day of my life and the start to a new chapter. I love this man so much he is my best friend and the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Special Thanks

Jennifer Syl Photography
Came in the ice storm and took photos from bushes, helped with location and collar